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Tanning for Beginners: Tips to Live By

Updated on July 4, 2017

When individuals first start to go tanning, they usually are a bit uninformed and need a bit of guidance. There are so many tips and tricks to tanning, however, that most people simply learn them as they go. These tips came from individuals that have been tanning for quite a while, and they will definitely help the most inexperienced person learn a few things, and save them from having to go through the trial and error process.

Pull hair back

Think about it. When you are walking around on a sunny day, your hair is down and then you wind up with a line on your forehead that is ghost white while the rest of your face eventually turns a golden brown. The same thing happens when you go tanning. To prevent that line, customers are encouraged to pull long hair back to make sure that their whole face tans evenly.

Put a towel over your face

If you want your whole body to be one nice, even colour, start off putting a towel over your face. Your face will already have more colour than areas that have never seen sunlight, and this will give those areas a chance to catch up with your face. If you don’t your face will continuously be darker than the rest of your body.

Your legs take longer

This seems to just be a general rule of thumb, especially for girls. When girls shave their legs, they exfoliate them more and shave off the dead skin cells on top. For one reason or another, this results in them being harder to get tan for most people. It’s okay though. They will eventually catch up.

You can wash away your tan

There is a golden rule that you should not take a shower right after tanning. Some individuals wait a full day while others go tanning in the morning and then wait until the night time to take a shower.

This is because bronzer works by stimulating the melanin in the skin, and it stains the skin in a sense. This makes the skin appear as though it is already tanned even though it actually is not. When you wash away the bronzer, you wash away the tan.


There are different levels when it comes to tanning beds. Because there are different levels and styles of beds, it is often advised that you switch it up to make sure that everything tans evenly, and that you wind up with a glorious tan. The results will be a golden bronze tan that will last much longer. Beginners are encouraged to read up on the different types of beds that are offered, and to ask their local salon about the different types of beds that they have available.

Tanning is a fun, relaxing experience that comes with quite a few benefits. It also tends to come with a slight learning curve. Most individuals don’t learn all of these tricks in one trip to the tanning salon. Instead, they learned when they discover that their legs are not getting tan and wind up looking it up online. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get ahead of that learning curve so that you can wind up looking and feeling better than ever before.


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