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Tanzanite Jewelry - The Most Cherished Belongings

Updated on October 12, 2014
Tanzanite Opal Ring
Tanzanite Opal Ring

Tanzanite jewelry is considered to be the most exquisite nowadays because of the rareness and beauty of the gemstone. Tanzanite was identified as a variant of zoisite, five years after which large deposits were found at the same place and its mining started.

Tanzanite became popular almost overnight with jewelry designers and gemologists and of course with customers who had a taste for rare and beautiful gems. Tanzanite was declared birthstone for December and is today America’s second most selling colored gemstone after blue sapphire. No wonder, its jewelry is becoming more and more popular.

While choosing a tanzanite or tanzanite jewelry the color is the most important factor to decide its quality. Tanzanite is trichoric in nature, i.e. it displays three colors when viewed from different directions. And it is this property of tanzanite which makes it stand out than other colored gemstones. It has different shades of blue and purple and the more intense the color, the more high-valued it is. However, there are people who actually prefer the lighter shades.

Tanzanite alone or in combination with other gemstones makes fantastic pieces of jewelry. Tanzanite opal jewelry is one such popular combination. Another wonderful combination is formed with garnets. To fit in the jewelry tanzanite is cut in various shapes. As, it is very fragile it is easily cut. Amongst various shapes like round, square, oval, heart-shaped, trillion, pear and emerald cut, oval and cushion are the most popular.

Tanzanite Rings
Tanzanite Rings

There is a trend now for tanzanite engagement rings too. And in these rings, tanzanite can be fit alone or in combination as per your or your fiancée’s choice. Jewelry designers find out literally innumerable designs for tanzanite jewelry, having a look at which it is difficult to choose a single piece. They all look that tempting.

When tanzanite rings are concerned, most popular cut is trillion. A trillion tanzanite accented by trillion or round diamonds studded in the ring can entice anybody. So also, a combination of tanzanite with bright red rhodolite or an oval tanzanite accented by deep green trillion tsavorite garnets will please your fiancée like anything.

Tanzanite ring is also apt for daily use. But you have to take its good care. Tanzanite being a delicate gemstone can break easily. You should avoid doing heavy workout or other activity while wearing a tanzanite ring.

Tanzanit Bracelet
Tanzanit Bracelet

While buying tanzanite jewelry you should also beware of imitation of tanzanite. There are many synthetic forsterite which look very much similar to tanzanite. They are cheaper and harder than the real tanzanite. Their hardness makes them ideal to use for daily wear. However the real tanzanite cannot be matched by them which is sure. Therefore you should be careful enough while buying tanzanite. Do a good research beforehand about how real tanzanite is identified, how it is color coded, what are the clarity tests, etc. Take the help of an expert while doing the purchase. If you take that much pain for purchasing the tanzanite, you can afterwards flaunt your precious possession in a true sense.

What is tanzanite

Expert advice on buying tanzanite


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      I enjoy jewelry making which for me includes using occasional gem stones and beads. This is a beautiful stone and your pictures illustrate your article to enhance it. I write about making jewelry here. I voted it up!