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Tartan - A Fashion Must Have.

Updated on January 9, 2014

The history of Tartan

Typically associated with Scotland, tartan originated in woven wool but today it is available in many other materials. The dress act of 1746 sought to see tartan banned to bring warrior clans under government control. The law was appealed in 1782 and tartan fast became the symbolic nation dress of Scotland.

Until the middle of the 19th century, differences in the patterns where associated with regions or districts. Tartans produced by local weavers where for local taste and would often be dictated by the natural dyes available in that area.

Tartan Today

Tartan never seems to drop too far off the fashion radar. And this year is no different. It exploded onto the high street last season and this year it seems set for new highs. So far, the print has graced the runways of huge fashion houses such as Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

The look is no longer confined to the traditional schoolgirl skirt or the hearty Scotsman’s kilt. It's become some what a household print such a Burberry. Tartan really makes a statement so why not embrace it and make it a part of your wardrobe.

Celebrities in Tartan

Celebrities far and wide have been spotted in this statement plaid print including Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker & Lucy Liu. Most Recently Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton embraced her routes with a tartan print trench coat.


Tartan Accessories

The tartan print may not be for all, but with a wide range of products available in the print, there’s something for everyone. The Alexander McQueen Tiger and Tartan scarf is a great way to incorporate tartan into your outfit.

It will add that statement but will not overwhelm. If you'd prefer to accessories with tartan in other ways why not try a tartan print clutch, hair ribbon, shoes or even high socks.

Tartan is very easily styled. It can be wore with a punk look, pairing it with chunky boots or heels, leather and plenty of studs or kept sleek and simple.

Joesph Tartan shirt £83.65 McQ Alexander McQueen Ladies Black Biker Zip Leather Ankle Boots  £249.00 Michael Kors Ladies Hamilton Cinnabar Leather Tote Handbag £345.00
Joesph Tartan shirt £83.65 McQ Alexander McQueen Ladies Black Biker Zip Leather Ankle Boots £249.00 Michael Kors Ladies Hamilton Cinnabar Leather Tote Handbag £345.00 | Source

Where can i buy Tartan?

Dias Designer Clothing in Hessle are always on trend with the most influential designers in the world. Carrying stock from Alexander McQueen to Michael Kors. No surprise then to see they have tartan for sale. They suggest pairing their Joesph tartan shirt with a leather skater, black ankle boots and a chunky handbag. You can always opt for some converse for a dressed down look and a small over the shoulder clutch.

What ever you choose make sure you check out Dias for the latest from all the influential fashion houses, they'll make sure you stand out and look amazing.

What's your favorite tartan garment?

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