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Taryn Rose Pumps - Truly Comfortable & Walkable High Heels and Mens Shoes from Taryn Rose Brand

Updated on July 4, 2011

If you are suffering from feet and toes pain caused by your beautiful high heels, and had the thought that comfortable high heels can never be elegant and fashionable, you should look at the collections from Taryn Rose Shoes – stylish shoes designed truly for your comfort.

Concept of the Taryn Rose Shoes

High heels are true dilemma for women - elegant, feminine and figure lengthening on one hand, but on the other hand painful and difficult to walk on. Even many women can bear the pain, they can't avoid bone-structure damages on their feet caused by wearing high heels. 

The founder of the brand - Dr Taryn Rose, was an orthopedic surgeon herself. Seeing feet and toes damaged by wearing high heels, and at the same time suffering from the pain of wearing high heels herself, she decided to have a dramatic career change to help women and herself.

Since then, she became a shoe designer, a caring shoe designer.

Taryn by Taryn Rose Women's Hallow Snake And Suede Pump
Taryn by Taryn Rose Women's Hallow Snake And Suede Pump

Taryn Rose High Heels

The below are just part of the collections from Taryn Rose High Heels. There's almost no difference than any other elegant and stylish high heels. You would only notice the lovely comfortibility it brings when wearing it!

The Taryn Rose Shoes Collections

The Taryn Rose Shoes were launched in 1998 with production lines located in Italy. The concept of Dr. Rose was to create shoes that are stylish yet comfortable, and most important of all, are safe for your feet and toes.

Besides high heels, Taryn Rose Shoes also offers flats, sandals, boots, evening shoes for women, as well as a comparatively smaller collection for men.

Taryn Rose Shoes are available at major department stores like Neiman Marcus, as well as available online in Amazon.

Taryn Rose Women's Diode Pump
Taryn Rose Women's Diode Pump

Potential Damages that High Heels can Cause.

Taryn Rose Boots

These beautiful boots are perfect for daytime wearing as well as for an evening out.

Taryn Rose Women's Cadele Bootie
Taryn Rose Women's Cadele Bootie

Taryn Rose Men's Collection

These beautifully made shoes for men are also from the Taryn Rose collection.

Taryn Rose Men's Cason Slip On Boot
Taryn Rose Men's Cason Slip On Boot

Introduce Taryn Rose to Your Beloved Friends

Getting to know Taryn Rose Shoes is like one of the best moments for many ladies.  Introduce Taryn Rose Shoes to your beloved friends and let them enjoy the comfort!

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