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Tattoo Art For Woman

Updated on June 21, 2011

Back Tattoo Wearing Tank-top

Easy To Hide When Need To Be

Lower Back For Low Cut Jeans

Tattoo Art For Woman

Nowadays tattoos are considered fashionable and stylish. Years ago most people connected tattoos with bikers, gangs and bad-boys. It's now the year 2010 and tattoos continue to become more popular than ever.

People get tattoos for so many different reason. People get tattoos in remembrance of someone they loved and lost, people get tattoos for the art, people get tattoos to express their personality and many people get tattoos to add little style. Again tattoos have come a long way in the past fifty-years. Popular and still on the rise.

I took the time to browse the web to find some tattoo art. The first group of pictures are of small tattoos to add a little style. If your someone who is considering getting their first tattoo and nervous about getting a large tattoo, there are many small, cute and simple tattoos to consider before you go all out and then regret it. You can get a small tatto and choose a place on your body when you only show it when you want to show it. Lets say when you wear a tank-top, bathing suit or when you wear your low-rise jeans. Getting a small and discrete tattoo will help you decide if you want more.

Click on the image to view pictures larger.

Tattoos For Ankles and Feet

Another part of the body many woman get a small tattoo is the ankle and feet. Again, no need to get a huge tattoo if your not sure how your going to feel. The top of the foot, around the toes or on above your ankle can be stylish and sexy.

If your someone who does not need to worry about showing a little body art, tattoos on the feet and ankles are great especially if your enjoy wearing sandals, flip-flops or pumps.

OK, you decided you want a tattoo but where do you go to get one? The first thing I suggest you do is ask someone you personally know where they got theirs. You want to make sure you are going to a tattoo specialist who uses sterile equipment. You want to make sure you go to a tattoo artist who has a good track record and you want to go to someone who understands exactly what you want. Don't let your first experience become a horrible experience. Take the time to ask around to find the very best in your area.


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  • katrinasui profile image

    katrinasui 7 years ago

    Nice hub on tattoo art. These days tattoos are very common and no doubt everyone wants to have a stylish tattoo.

  • TnFlash profile image

    TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

    Great Hub! Beautiful women and exotic tattoos are fascinating topic. Good Work! Voted up and awesome.

  • profile image

    scarlett black 7 years ago

    Love tattoos and tattoo hubs!