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Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Updated on February 17, 2012

Aquarius is the sign of genius and insanity! If your birth date is between January 21 and February 18 your zodiac sign is Aquarius. This is an air sign ruled by Uranus. Unpredictable, unconventional and often brilliant, some Aquarians may lead to shockingly unorthodox and promiscuous lives. Aquarians are oddities, orbiting around their fellow beings like freak satellites. More conservative people don’t understand them. They strongly believe in the dictum, “live and let live”.

Aquarius Love Life

Different from the rest, the Aquarians are curiously attractive regardless how they dress. But the darkest side of the Aquarians is their inability of being really close. When a relationship becomes too intimate they may pull away. The more an Aquarian’s dear ones emote, the less likely are the chances that they’ll be understood. Feelings simply don’t compute in this case. An Aquarian is capable of leaving without shedding a single tear.

Compatibility Guide

***** Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

**** Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius

*** Aries, Taurus, Virgo

** Pisces, Cancer

* Capricorn

If you’re a possessive spouse or lover, an Aquarian partner is certainly not for you. Their sense and need for space is very dominant, so a partner craving for round the clock intimacy and companionship is in for a shock. However, infidelity is not part of the code of typical Aquarians. So when they morally transgress there must be a good and logical reason, which may not make sense to anyone else but will make perfect sense to them. Sex is not too high in priority on their agenda unless their partner meets with their exacting, maddeningly outrageous yet logical qualifications.

Turn Ons: Sex in bizarre locations or at unusual timings of the day

Turn Offs: A stingy, over-possessive partner

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

The most popular tattoo image of the zodiac sign Aquarius is either a water bearer or jug or the letter M, representative of moving waves. Alternatively you can ink a tattoo image of a fairy queen or a beautiful woman bathing and washing herself in the sea. To significantly improve your overall lifestyle ink one of the following tattoo designs and see how your life changes positively!

  1. A Water Bearer or Jug
  2. Letter M or Waves
  3. A Fairy Queen Pouring Water
  4. Designs Symbolize Air

Check out the special Video and the Tattoo Gallery presented below for having an excellent idea about Aquarius tattoo designs.

Buy Aquarius Tattoos online at Tattoo Johnny.

Aquarius Tattoo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size


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    • andycool profile image

      andycool 5 years ago from the U.S.

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for your visit! I already published a hub on the zodiac sign Capricorn, please check that out. Your comment is much appreciated! - Andy

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      andycool, your hubs about the zodiac signs and tattoos are always a crowd pleaser. I loved the one with the woman in the waterfall, very profound. Can't wait for my sign to come up and see what you suggest for that -- capricorn.