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Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Libra

Updated on November 15, 2011

The most popular sign in the entire zodiac, Librans know that they’re the most sought-after people. Ruled by Venus, Libra represents an air sign. Anyone born between September 24th and October 23rd is a Libra. As a Libra you’ve a special sense of style not to mention your romantic soul! You’re generous, cheerful, warm and loving yet you’re gifted with great leadership qualities.

Libra Love Life

Libran men spend their lives trying to avoid arguments so much so that they become experts in the avoidance game while Libran women stretch their ability to be understanding till they’re unable to take it anymore. Both of these can leave their partners feeling manipulated or exploited!

Compatibility Guide

***** Aries, Gemini, Scorpio

**** Libra, Leo, Aquarius

*** Pisces, Cancer, Taurus

** Sagittarius, Virgo

* Capricorn

As a spouse or partner of a Libra one should guard oneself from the manipulative nature of this charming tribe of soft-spoken and flattery air sign! Remain alert to their most endearing wiles and you’ll be better safe than sorry!

Librans respond to beauty and get physically attracted with a beautiful person of the opposite sex. If they’re provided with visual turn-ons, they’ll reward you with the most charming sex in return!

Turn Ons: Elegance in any form, humor, fun and panache

Turn Offs: Grunge dressing, fights and people with prejudices

Libra Tattoo Ideas

The most popular choice among the Libra tattoo designs is the classic design of an old weight and measures scale. Other popular choices include the stars that make up the stellar constellation, the Libra symbol or the planet Venus. According to astrology Librans make great and successful people provided they've given proper support to their ruling planet Venus. One way of doing this is inking an appropriate tattoo. Ink one of the following designs and see how your life changes for the better in no time!

  1. The weight and measures scale
  2. Planet Venus
  3. The Libra symbol
  4. Sun, Moon or Stars
  5. Designs symbolize air such as a tree
  6. Yin-Yang designs

Check out the Video and Tattoo Gallery presented below to have a good idea about Libra tattoo designs.

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Libra Tattoo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size


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    • andycool profile image

      andycool 5 years ago from the U.S.

      Yes cherylone both of the tattoos you mentioned are unique! I like them too. Thank you again for your visit and I really appreciate your supportive comment! - Andy

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      I really liked the scales on the feet. I'll bet that one hurt. I like the one with the man and skeleton as well. And you described Libra to a tee (I know a few). Great Hub.