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Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Virgo

Updated on November 15, 2011

Natural craft-persons, extremely good with your hands and well-known for your abilities in arts and healing professions, you remain modest about your gifts! Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. If your birth date is between August 24th and September 23rd you’re a Virgo according to your natal chart.

Virgos tend to be natural communicators and surprisingly witty! Nothing is good enough for the perfection haunted Virgos. An excellent employee but an insufferable boss, they can nag you till you turn insane!

Virgo Love Life

Their fetish for order, cleanliness and organization can drive most people up the wall but if you want to settle with a Virgo, this is something you've to be prepared for. Critical of moral lapses, a Virgo is very virtue conscious. A Virgo woman is more firmly grounded in terms of security and what she wants from her lover.

Compatibility Guide

***** Taurus, Capricorn, Libra

**** Gemini, Cancer, Pisces

*** Scorpio, Virgo

** Sagittarius, Aquarius

* Aries, Leo

The most awful Virgos are pathetic hypochondriacs. They also make the most awful creeps who criticize you in subtle ways and disguise put-downs as loving gestures. So far as their sex drive is concerned, it’s not very high. They can be quite cold although they would like to believe they are too sexy!

Turn Ons: Smell of perfume, white lingerie, clear skin

Turn Offs: Sex during periods, dirty lingerie and pillow covers

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

The letter M is inked for Virgos most of the time, because this glyph showcases all of the attributes of a Virgo. Some people go for inking Virgin Mary or any virgin young girl to represent their zodiac sign Virgo. Astrologically speaking, inking one of the following symbols as your tattoo design would help you to improve your quality of life.

  1. Letter M
  2. Virgin Mary
  3. Planet Mercury
  4. Plants associated with Virgo like fern or ivy
  5. Symbols representing Earth

Check out the Video and Tattoo Gallery presented below to have a good idea about Virgo tattoo designs.

Buy Virgo Tattoos online at Tattoo Johnny.

Virgo Tattoo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size


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    • andycool profile image

      andycool 5 years ago from the U.S.

      Thanks a lot cherylone for the visit! I'm so glad and happy you enjoy my tattoo articles. I really feel honored! - Andy

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your tattoo articles. I think the tattoo of the moon and saturn is my favorite in this one. I love looking at all of them, though. Great hub, again.