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Tattoo Parlor Safety and Preventing Infection

Updated on August 1, 2015

Tattoo Safety and What to Look for to Prevent Tattoo Infection

You're excited to get your first tattoo, but there are several things you need to be aware of before you get it done. The easiest way to get an infection of your tattoo is by improper handling while your tattoo is being put on. The good thing is, there are standards that tattoo parlors are required to use and uphold while doing business.

You still want to be aware though because there are some less than kosher people out there who may not follow these guidelines. The other scenario is if you have a friend giving you a tattoo, you want to make sure it is done in a sanitary manner or you could end up with a really bad infection. The first thing you want to look for is the cleanliness of the place, if it's dirty looking I wouldn't get a tattoo there.

What a Tattoo Artist Will do and Use While Giving You a Tattoo

Your tattoo artist should always wear gloves before they start tattooing you. Glove use can prevent all sorts of bacteria and infections that can enter the skin while being tattooed. Your artist should always use paper towels to wipe off the excess ink from the area being tattooed as he/she does it.

They should never use a towel or rag, both of which can be loaded with bacteria if used on other people. Even if it's a clean towel or rag, it still should not be used. After each cleaning of the area, or even a few uses it should be thrown away and another paper towel used.

That is what a professional tattoo artist will do. At the end of your session your artist will put a creamy lotion like feeling substance, this is antibiotics that they rub onto it to protect it right after it's done.


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    • DeborahFantasia profile image

      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

      Thank you "princesswithapen" and "Better Days," I agree Better Days, young people especially tend to be nieve ! I have wrote about taking care of a new tattoo on one of my other Hubs. Absolutely, stay out of water after getting a tattoo. Many people don't think of that fact when getting a tattoo in the Summer time or on vacation.

    • Better Days profile image

      Better Days 6 years ago from The Northeast, USA

      Very good advice. Some people don't think to take this stuff seriously enough, especially young people. In addition I would add am emphasis on aftercare cleanliness and avoiding swimming and baths for two weeks so that the healing process goes smoothly.

    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      I enjoy reading your hubs about tattoos, Deborah. Reading about Tattoo Parlor Safety has been interesting too. Voted up and useful.


    • DeborahFantasia profile image

      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

      I'm glad you enjoyed my hub, thanks for stopping by !

    • bingogunter profile image

      bingogunter 6 years ago from Oxford, Mississippi

      Hi DeborahFantasia, I really enjoyed this hub. So many people go into tattoo shops blindly, this will be helpful.