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Tattoo Removal Cream-Cheap Tattoo Removal Options

Updated on August 27, 2012

For a lot of people with tattoos that they no longer want, professional tattoo removal cost is much too high to consider as an option. It's estimated that 50% of adults over 40, who have tattoos, want them removed. Many of them are using tattoo removal cream to lower the overall cost because it's much cheaper than most other tattoo removal options.

How Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work

Tattoo removal cream is applied directly to the tattoo, where it penetrates and chemically breaks up the ink that's in the dermal layer of the skin. The effectiveness of tattoo removal cream varies from one person to the next, and most manufacturers don't guarantee the results. Many tattoo removal cream users report no change in the appearance of their tattoo at all, but most people see considerable lightening at the very least. Complete tattoo removal is very difficult, and can take a very long time to achieve with a cream.

How Well Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work

Much like IPL and laser tattoo removal, successful tattoo removal cream treatment depends on several factors. The user's skin type is one important variable, as is the size and age of the tattoo. Older tattoos fade faster and more completely than new tats. Also, due to lower ink quality, tattoo removal cream users have much better success at fading homemade tattoos than those done by a professional tattoo artist.

Tattoo Removal Cream Cost

The best creams are not cheap, but tattoo removal cost with these products is quite a bit lower than IPL therapy or laser tattoo removal. A one month supply of tattoo removal cream usually costs $50-$100. In most cases, treatment takes anywhere from is 3-12 months to achieve the best possible result.

Combining Tattoo Removal Cream With Other Methods

Some people use tattoo removal cream to fade their tattoos before IPL or laser tattoo removal. This method helps to ensure complete removal of the tattoo with fewer treatments, and lowers the total tattoo removal cost.

Where To Buy Tattoo Removal Cream

Some brands of tattoo removal cream are widely available in stores, but many people prefer to shop online, where they often find a much larger selection and lower prices.

One of the most trusted and reliable brands found online is Doc Wilson's Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Fade Complete system. The basic kit comes with a two month supply of Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream, a battery powered "DermoMatic" exfoliation wand, and all the goodies you need to get a jump start on fading your tattoo away. Wrecking Balm Is also one of the few companies to offer a money back guarantee on their tattoo removal cream.

Other Popular Tattoo Removal Creams

Tat B Gone is another one of the top selling names in tattoo removal creams. They claim to be the best product on the market today, and their website is loaded with testimonials and videos of faded tattoos. Before purchasing Tat B Gone, you should keep in mind that even they say that results vary, and they do not offer a money back guarantee.

Fade-Away is another top brand with which users report good results. This company also stands behind their product with a 30 day money back guarantee.

TCA, which isn't technically a cream, but a 20% in-home liquid chemical peel system, has been recommended by dermatologists for tattoo removal. TCA actually claims to be able to completely remove all tattoos, which is a bold claim that other tattoo removal cream manufacturers simply won't make. TCA has two separate guarantees. First, if you buy the product and change your mind, you can return it within 30 days, unopened, for a full refund. Second, if after 6 months you're not satisfied with your results, you can return the unused portion for a full refund. In both cases, the refund does not include shipping and handling charges. At about $40, it's also one of the most affordable tattoo removal solutions around.

Tattoo Removal Cream Side Effects

No lasting side effects have been reported by tattoo removal cream users, although some people experience a minor burning sensation during use. As with all topical creams and ointments, there is always a possibility of allergic reaction, skin irritation or rash.


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