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Tattoos - How to Get Ready for Tattooing

Updated on February 8, 2015

Celebrities and Tattooing

Tattooing is the easiest step that teenagers usually opt to become trendy. The new generation gets tattooing done on arms, neck, shoulder, forehead and even on tongue!

The hottest news from Hollywood is that superstar Angelina Jolie tattooed on her thighs. She declared that she did it for her husband Brad Pitt. It’s been a long time since tattooing has been accepted as a means of declaring love. Probably Angelina Jolie is just the latest addition to the line of celebrities who have chosen tattooing to express their love for someone. English footballer David Beckham tattooed his wife Victoria’s name on his forearm, years back. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was spotted having the alphabets “R.B” tattooed on to her back neck, while she was walking along the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes film festival. The world easily sorted out the expansion of R.B – Ranbir! The “Prabhu” on actress Nayanthara’s wrist and Ganesha on actress Mamta’s shoulder drew equal attention.

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Best Places in body for Tatooing

Yes, tattooing has become a trend. The teenagers can’t go for a better option when it comes to being trendy. Piercing the skin, you apply water-resistant ink to inscribe your beloved’s names, favorite pictures or designs. This most modern fashion is actually a centuries- old art form. Even though it hurts a little, you can make your favorite inscriptions a part of your body, and thereby existence. Isn’t that cool?

On hand, neck, shoulder, forehead, navel, chest, hip, legs, tongue—you can tattoo anywhere on your body. But lower back tattoo is most preferred by youngsters. The young generation has sorted it out that lower back tattoo considerably contributes to the sex appeal while wearing a low waist jeans and sleeveless t-shirt.

Tattooing is a part of belief as well. There are those who consult Astros to check the ‘rashee’ and tattoos pictures of deities or other natural forces. But Chinese dragon and scorpion are apparently the favorite symbols of our youngsters.

They cannot be blamed. Our cinemas convince us pretty well that a well-built body with either of the two above mentioned symbols tattooed on to the shoulder is an indication of masculinity!

A tattoo once inscribed is for ever. There is no going back. So, while tattooing names, don’t act out of instinct. Think well before you tattoo someone’s name. But still, there’s nothing so much to worry about. Technology has advanced so much that there are some laser treatments by which these tattoos can temporarily or permanently be removed. This depends on the particulars and color of the ink used to tattoo. When you set off to augment your sex appeal, masculinity, confidence and whatever through tattooing, keep this in mind that the deed can fetch you slight infection to HIV infection.

Make sure that clinically cleansed instruments are used to tattoo. Get it done at an expert’s place. For people who want s to be trendy, but not willing to commit any risks, there’s only one option left out—tattoo stickers. Stickers are available in market. Go get one when you need to be trendy.


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