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Tattoos Jesus May Have Gotten

Updated on October 10, 2016
Jesus Tattoo
Jesus Tattoo

The life of Jesus in the Bible is quite peculiar. The reason i say peculiar is that a good chunk of the life of Jesus the Christ seems to be unaccounted for and no one seems to have any concrete proof of his teenage and young adult whereabouts. The Bible teaches us that Jesus was the son of God who came down to earth to die for the sins of man. That is pretty impressive if you ask me. because in those days, men did not sin as much as man do today. Back in the years of Christ, many men feared God and as such they scrutinized their actions wisely before committing their sinful acts. But the sin bowl was full and overflowing and the God of this flat earth wanted to wipe the slate clean and start a new set of human race that had no sin. But being the loving God he was, he sent his only begotten son to suffer and sacrifice his blood so man can continue sinning. Yes, mankind did continue sinning, in fact, sin is at a super nova point today. But before Jesus was chastised, whipped, jeered, tormented tortured and then crucified, he must have enjoyed some aspects of his fleshly life. The Bible says he was a brilliant boy who came to look about his father's business, but boys will be boys and as such, Jesus may have had a little fun before being dragged before the slaughter house. He may have had friends which the Bible refused to mention simply because they wanted to maintain his purity state. He may have been with women, drank wine and he may have even gotten a few tattoos.

New Age Christianity and Tattoos

People may think that it is weird to believe that Jesus may have had a tattoo. But when you talk to many new age Christians, they also share the same belief, primarily because they too have some tattoos of their own and they believe that they are following the footsteps of their savior. Many Christians have tattoos, even pastors have a few of their own. And nobody knows where except the alter boys, know the places where the catholic priest have hid their tattoos. But why would a man or woman of God get a tattoo in the first place? Isn't that offensive to the laws of God? Isn't that breaking the rule of the commandment which says "Do not create any graven images?" Well, the answer i have received is no. I spoke to my good friend Mark who is a devoted christian whom i have know for twelve years now. He is a decent man with good values. He has a nice family, they go to church on their day of worship, helps people without asking for anything in return, but there is just one thing, he has several tattoos. Me being the inquisitive person i am, asked him about the tattoos and Christianity. He says as long as you do not worship the images, meaning to put them on any higher standards than your life or the life of others, as long as your tattoos do not depict anything which goes against the word of God, such as devil images, lust, money, etc. Then you are OK. We struck up a long conversation about Jesus, Christianity and the do's and don't of the religious world. Then i asked him if Jesus had decided to get tattooed back then, what kind would he have chosen and mark gave me these 5 picks.


1. Tattoo of The Dove

If Jesus Christ was to have gotten a tattoo, he may have leaned more towards something to do with purity or divinity. The dove is a symbol of peace, humbleness and faithfulness. So despite the fact that Jesus friends chose to gotten tattoos of sharp swords and shields, Jesus went with the pure and divine dove. The dove was a common tie between the three Abrahamic religions, the image of a dove carrying an olive branch, symbolizing peace. Jesus represented this, he represented love, this dove tattoo has Jesus written all over it.

2. Tattoo of Jesus on The Cross

Yes, he knew his future. He knew that his sole purpose for him being born into flesh was to make become a sacrifice. He knew he would have been subject to ridicule, betrayed, denied, jailed beaten and then nailed to a cross. The cross for Christians symbolizes the ordeal that their Christ went through, it is also a symbol of faith and belief in their religion. So what else would a young Jesus do but pray for strength and then tattoo an image of the cross on his flesh. A symbol to remind us of his great suffering and historical sacrifice for mankind.

3. Tattoo of Heaven

Jesus knew that after his flesh died, he would eventually ascend into heaven where his father awaits where he is proclaimed to be seated beside for all eternity. Such a divine and holy place would certainly be tattooed on that brave and holy man Jesus Christ. Despite his love for man, heaven was destined to be the final home for Jesus, he knew this and wanted this but feared the dreadfulness which was to be bestowed on him. The tattoo of heaven would help to serve as a reminder of the reward which awaits him.

4.Tattoo of his Mother

Mary gave birth to a baby boy called Jesus. Mary was proclaimed to be a virgin when she conceived Jesus. She then went and got married to Joseph who got a message from God telling him about his wife pregnancy. Mary, the mother of Jesus was loved by her son and her husband. If anyone's image would have been tattooed on Jesus, it would be a image of his divine mother. His caring, humble and loving mother, who was there with him from birth until his death.

5. Tattoo of Water

There is nothing funny about having a tattoo of water on your body if you truly understand water and know what it brings. Water is life. There can be no physical life existence with this magnificent liquid. Most of a man's body is made up of water, most of the flat earth surface is made up of water. Water is space. The earth is engulfed in water, separated by the firmaments. This is called the waters above or space as NASA calls it. Above earth and above the waters is said to be the dwelling place of the most high, the place of God.

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My Own Analysis

Jesus getting a Tattoo would be OK. So would Christians who decide on getting one too. I will go with what my good friend mark says, as long as you don't place those images above your life, the life of others and indeed above the God you worship. And as long as those images are not going against anything righteous you should be good. As times changes, so will the beliefs of different generations. These beliefs will lead to a mix of cultural and religious beliefs and lifestyle.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 16 months ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for visiting my jesus's tattoo always exploring. have a blessed day

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 16 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I think anyone getting a tattoo is a personal decision and none of our business. To my way of thinking a tattoo is not what the bible speaks of when worshiping an image. Back then people made images of golden animals and worshiped them. I don't know if Jesus had a tattoo. I doubt it. The ones you mentioned would be beautiful. I have seen some amazing tattoos....