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Tattoos Piercings and what you need to know

Updated on December 11, 2011

Belly Piercing 411

So ya got a belly ring! Congrats! Now start off by knowing that it's never a good idea to use sterling silver on a new piercing, it will slow down healing and possibly help generate an awful infection. Keep your piercing clean with anti-bacterial soap such as Dial anti-bacterial hand soap. Do not use bar soap. Pat dry with a clean towel and your cool. You can use alcohol if you choose to help fight bacteria. It's never a good idea to where your pants over your piercing, keep those low-rise jeans at hand! Be careful of the material of your shirts also. Anything woven, or polyester doesn't allow the piercing to "breathe" and can help in an awful infection. I prefer cotton only until it's heeled. Do not take your piercing out until it's ready. The body piercer will tell you when. Use surgical steel or bio-plast on new piercings.

Nose rings and Cartilage Piercings

NEVER clean a cartilage piercing with alcohol! It will cause scar tissue to form around the piercing. Clean your piercing with anti-bacterial hand soap, rinse and pat dry with a clean cloth. The piercer may give you special cleaner for your new piercing. Use it! Do not put sterling silver in a new piercing (any piercing) as it slows down healing and can lead to an infection. Use surgical steel. If it's a nose piercing, careful when you wash your face because it may snag and rip out, This has happened to me several times. I will wash my face in the shower with a rag and it will snag the nose stud and OUCH! If you have a new ear cartilage piercing, sleep on the opposite side until it heals. Keep your hair pulled up and off of the piercing to prevent infection.

Any piercing!

With any piercing you must remember to stay away from sterling silver. Silver should only be used on a piercing that is completely healed. Always use anti-bacterial soap and use it at least twice daily. Do not put alcohol on a cartilage piercing, it will cause scaring. Keep your hands clean before touching the piercing. The piercing needs to have oxygen so keep hair off of it. If your piercing is in a "private area" wear cotton only until it heals.


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