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Tattoos Women Think Are Sexy On Men

Updated on January 28, 2011

Please allow me to start this off by saying I am no expert on tattoos, but I have a pretty good sense of sex appeal and some tattoos look better in some areas than others. On men, I mean. I have my opinions on women's tattoos as well but that's not something I'm going to focus on here, given that I don't check women out nearly as as often I do men. I do have a small tattoo on my person but it's nothing impressive so I won't brag about it. But I do love, love, love a well-placed and well-crafted tattoo on a man -- and I will even go so far as to say they can dramatically improve the physique of some guys when done right. The following are my favorite types of tattoos on men and if you've got one of these bad boys, please allow me to drool on you sometime.

Sexy Full Sleeve Tattoos

Omigod, I love a man with full sleeve tattoos. When I was about 20 I dated a guy with sleeve tattoos on both arms. It was hot. HOT. I still shudder at the memory, and this is someone I don't have a single pleasant thought about, apart from how hot his sleeve tattoos were. Yummy. Mind, you do need to have something cool going on with these sorts of tattoos, and there are some full sleeve tattoos that aren't particularly sexy or appealing. But if you go to a good tattoo artist, they can hook you up with something that will really make the ladies swoon.

Sexy Calf-Wrap Tattoos

I don't know if I just made that label up, but I love calf tattoos that wrap around a man's leg. I've seen some cool tribal tattoos that do this and they look very nice. They can even improve the appearance of a guy with skinny legs / calves. A single tattoo on the calf can be fine (my boyfriend has one) but it should be large enough to accentuate the entire calf.

Sexy Shoulder-Wrap / Chest / Arm Tattoos

Ok, that's not the best description, I know. I'm talking about a tattoo that wraps around the shoulder, runs at least half-way down the arm, and covers part of one pec. HOTNESS! Gawd, I could drool just thinking about it. I do not find these terribly sexy when a guy has this one both sides of the body, but something about these on one side is so, so sexy that I love seeing these on any guy.

Sexy Inside Forearm Tattoos

My boyfriend has one of these and it's in exactly the right place, and exactly the right size that perfectly accentuates this area of his arm. It's hot, believe me. And when he's wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt? Damn, it's sexy. It's not too in-your-face and it's not cheesy. Of course, you could stick a cheesy tattoo in that area, but you're not going to do that, right? Girls will think a tattoo in this area is sexy -- I certainly do.

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