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Tattoos and Lingerie | Naughty Treats For The Skin

Updated on October 14, 2009

Lingerie is to tattoo as birthday candle is to C4. They're kind of similar, however one is far more powerful, far more dangerous and far more difficult to obtain under the age of 18. There are similarities between lingerie and tattoos however, similarities that can be celebrated and embraced. Lingerie adorns the body, as do tattoos. But where lingerie is for a day, a night, or one shameful rendezvous, a tattoo is for a life time. Lingerie is light, lacy, fun and frivolous, tattoos are normally imbued with deep significance.

What happens when lingerie and tattoos collide? I'll tell you what happens, something entirely awesome.

Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Bob Geldof seemed to be on the verge of throwing her life away in a whirling round of parties and recreational drugs. Fortunately however she got her act together and became a lingerie model, in spite of the fact that she had already indulged a tattoo habit on more than one occasion. Let's see Peaches in action, shall we?

In these photos Peaches wears lingerie from a line called 'Miss Ultimo', more on that in future articles. In the meantime, let us take a moment to enjoy the clash of delicate feminine lingerie with the harshness of indelible ink, hammered into the skin via needle, never to be removed (unless she has an altercation with a laser.)

Of course, it is not always entirely safe to mix tattoos and lingerie. Just look what this terrible tatto has done to this woman's delicate nylons!


Is this inspiring you yet? Are you tempted to steal the funds from the household swear jar, rush out and get inked up? Hold on a second there, partner, you might want to exercise a little restraint. Getting a tattoo is no cake walk. It's no picnic. It's no walk in the park.

If you'd like to be covered in tattoos, but would like to avoid the pain that comes with them, why not get your hands on this tattoo panty and camisole set? The best of lingerie and tattoo worlds have been synthesized here, where cleverly designed lingerie makes it look like you passed out in a tattoo parlor full of grade school children.

The tattoo bra works along the same lines, attempting to trick people into thinking that you had large floral wheels inked across your bosom.

If that's not working for you, why not get a tattoo depicting lingerie, or, on a more extreme level, have lingerie tattooed onto your body? Sure, there's the expense and the fact that you'll have to have some pretty sensitive areas tattooed, but like all things in life, you have to feel the burn to get anywhere. Just don't plan on changing your panties too often once you take that leap.

If all else fails, Leg Avenue come to the rescue with these cute nylon stockings that have a tiger tattoo built right into them! Thanks, Leg Avenue! (Those guys and gals just have no limits when it comes to doing innovative things with hosiery.)


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    • Tomgeekery profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't typically like tattoos. I suspect part of that is the permanence of them.

      But then again, Peaches' tattoos don't take away from the look for me. Perhaps even adding something to it.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I personality don't like tattoo, I think they deprive the beauty of all female body. Our bodies are where the Holy Spirit lives, you wouldn't put graffity on or in a church, well I guess some would, but anyway a womans body by itself is so beautful even just to look at, with or without clothes why ruin it.


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