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Tattoos by a Drunk 3 year old and a doodle gun

Updated on July 29, 2010

Tattoos you swear were done by a 3 year old

After walking around the amusement park the other day looking at all the tattoos people have really made me wonder how some of these tattoo artist had jobs still. I just couldn't imagine their portfolios I would dead sprint run if I saw them. So which leads me to they must have been done by a Drunk 3 year old with a doodle gun. Thats the saying I use every time a see a bad tattoo. I wish I would have gotten a picture of this lady I was behind. I was suppose to say "Love Forever" but the "Love" was spelled Lov no "e" was on it and it looked like a real bad shaky hand did it. The Forever part was even worse since it was spelled reverof and the heart between it was more like a circle. So at the same time my wife and i look at ech other and said tattoo by a drunk 3 year old with a doodle gun.

None of these are don by 3 years and no three year old is drunk it's just a saying that the art work would look like that of a 3 year olds. Meaning is very low quality.

Take Breaks.

Here are two I see on the internet that catch my attention the most but what makes me wonder is wouldn't you at least check out previous work done by the artist if you were going to get a large tattoo on your back. The drawing is probably not the fault of the person getting it done but the artist maybe or the 3 year old.  A big back piece can go bad at anytime because of hand cramping so make sure the artist takes a smoke break if they smoke to calm nerves.  You don't want a shaky hand going into the tattoo.  If they don't take breaks on the long tattoos remember the 3 year old.

Tattoos aren't good with names

Getting someones name tattooed on you is probably the worse idea ever thought of. Honestly how many of the relationships that you would think about getting their name tattooed on you last. NOT LONG!! I have seen 6 people that I just know off get the others name and boom divorce or break up. If you after 50 years or even 30 years of marriage would like to I think that may be a same time to do it. Alot of tattoo artist don't like to tattoo names for that reason so if that say its a good idea remember the 3 year old. If they say it's a bad idea it may be a good time to listen.

Fading or not deep enough

Gone to Far or Not Far enough

Again check the portfolio of the artist you choose this will save you aggrevation and money.  If you have a low quality tattoo done the first time it cost twice as much to cover up if they can cover it up.  Always make sure your artist is going deep enough or it looks it on the portfolio pictures it should be dark and clear sharp edges.  I have seen tattoos disappear over night because of not going deep enough.  My friend dan got a $250 tattoo of a clown doing something and then 3 days later it was gone it was like a bad dream so he had to go back and get a refund.  The another good sign of going to deep would be lots of bleeding. 

Tattoo done to deep

Another to deep tattoo

Here is another sign of a low quality tattoo.  This tattoo as you can see the lines don't match up the the corner and the scarring and fading is noticeable because the artist went to deep into the skin and caused the color to bleed out while doing it.  The center is also faded because of gooing to deep.

3 year old with a doodle gun

Doodle Job

I'm not sure what happened here they say never to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol but neither should the artist or your friend. This is a classic example of a 3 year old with a doodle gun doing their magic on you. This is a tattoo that will be hard to cover up. This reminds me of a etch a sketch and a 3 year old just twisting the nobs as fast as they can.

Clown Tattoo

You should really think before getting a tattoo of a clown with someone who maybe loves kiss the band. Well here is another example of a doodle gun with a drunk 3 year old. So of the quality is ok but really who gets a clown tattoo and doesn't make it look realistic. It doesn't make sense to me.


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