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Tattoos designs: Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Updated on March 30, 2016
Cherry blossoms with butterfly tattoo
Cherry blossoms with butterfly tattoo | Source

The art of flower tattoo is as old as the history of tattooing. Floral tattoos are fashionable and trendy all over the world. The Japanese Cherry Blossom tattoos designs are popular, not only with females but with males too.

Cherry blossom tattoo
Cherry blossom tattoo | Source

Symbolism of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are richly symbolic in Japanese and Chinese culture.

In Japan, Sakura is the name for cherry blossom. The delicate beauty of the flower lasts only for a fleeting moment of time as it blooms and usually falls within a week, before the leaves come out. This brings to mind the Buddhist teachings of the impermanent nature of life.

Looking at a cherry blossom tattoo will remind the wearer that every moment of life is precious and that he or she should live to the fullness. The symbolism of the floral tattoo helps us to realize the transience of life, thus offering some comfort when we are in grief or hardship.

In ancient Japan, the cherry blossom symbolized the Samurai class, which was the military nobility. In addition, the cherry tree represents nobility and fertility because only the highest ranking members of Japanese society have the privilege of attending events that featured blooming cherry trees.

In China, cherry blossoms are used to signify femininity, beauty and love. As there are women who use beauty and sexuality to dominate men, the cherry blossoms also represent feminine power. The cherry tree and blossoms are said to bring good luck as well.

Cherry blossom tattoo on the back
Cherry blossom tattoo on the back | Source

Cherry blossom tattoos

There are two common styles for cherry blossom tattoos designs: cartoonesque in bold colours with defined edges, or realistic design with soft colours, tones, and gentle bend.

For females, cherry blossom tattoos often have birds, butterflies or fishes integrated into the designs. Texts taken from bible, quotes or poems are also popular combination with the cherry blossoms designs.

For males, masculine symbols are usually mixed with cherry blossoms to lessen the femininity undertone. These include skulls, dragons, tigers, geisha, kanji, and traditional sailor tattoos.

Fragile and wilted vines wrapping around the body is the most common cherry blossom tattoo design. Those who prefer big and solid tattoos can go for the popular whole cherry tree designs.

Suitable locations for cherry blossom tattoos are the feet, legs, shoulders, back and the sides.

By using different combinations in designs, you can create a unique cherry blossom tattoo that represents your personal style.

Beware of Tattoo regret

No doubt having a tattoo can be considered trendy, especially to the youngsters. However, there are still stigmas attached to tattoos in certain societies or countries. Some people who have gone for tattoos in their youth later regretted because the tattoos became a hindrance, especially when it comes to job seeking or advancement in career.

Every year, many people opted for tattoo removal that can be costly and more painful than getting one.

Therefore, it will be useful to know what to expect from tattoo removal as well. Think thrice before you dash to the tattoo parlour for the beautiful cherry blossom tattoo.

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