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Tea Tree Oil Acne Home Remedy – Natural Tea Tree Oil Skin Care Cleanser

Updated on July 2, 2009

Throughout my teen years, I was one of those kids with perfect skin. I give credit to genetics and diet but also my secret weapon – my Tea Tree Oil Acne Home Remedy which you can easily make for a low cost at home. Putting oil on your face may sound counterproductive to an acne issue, but that is not at all the case. Tea Tree Oil is not a greasy oil, rather it is extracted from the melaeuca alternifola, also known as a Narrow Leaf Tea Tree plant that is native to Australia.

My Experiences Using A Tea Tree Oil Acne Home Remedy

Growing up, there would be days where I’d get a pimple and like any teen, flip out. (We all know pimples and zits come at the most inopportune moments!). I can’t remember where or who told me about it, but eventually I learned that Tea Tree Oil works wonders for acne. After beginning to use Tea Tree Oil, my zits and pimples would be fully disappear and heal within a few days. Almost, like magic! All my friends wanted to know my secret and we all started using Tea Tree Oil for removing pimples and zits.

Years later, I still keep a small bottle on hand (you can get 1 oz from Whole Foods for around $9.99) and use it for occasional pimples and acne prone areas of my face.

I can’t guarantee that Tea Tree Essential Oil will help you with severe acne, but why not try it? It helps my acne whenever it starts to occur. I still occasionally get a pimple here and there and when I feel or see one coming in, I put a few drops on a Q-Tip and apply directly to the area.

In the summer, when I feel my face getting really oily, I will make my own Tea Tree Oil Toner. All it is 50 % distilled water and 50% Tea Tree Oil. Warning: Only use if your skin is very oily, otherwise, it will really dry your skin out, just like any other toner product. It still blows my mind how strong a natural product could be. The strength of Tea Tree Oil, in my opinion, is even greater than a chemical based acne treatment.

Tea Tree Oil Acne Tips

  • Use Essential Tea Tree Oil – it’s the best quality and if it’s too strong, you can dilute it.
  • The pure stuff is strong, so don’t wipe a lot on your face. Test a small area or just one pimple, first. Very few people will be able to use 100% on their face.
  • If it stings (it probably will) make a solution of 2 parts Tea Tree Oil and 1 part distilled water.
  • If a 2:1 solution is still too strong, try a 50/50 ratio of Tea Tree Oil and distilled water.
  • If you do make this solution, make a small amount and use within 15 days as bacteria could grow in the water (unlikely because of the Tea Tree Oil and it’s anti-germ properties) but play it on the safe side and don’t wipe extra bacteria on your face!
  • If you have very problematic skin, consult your doctor or dermatologist first to make sure that Tea Tree Oil will be ok to use.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  • One favorite benefit of Tea Tree Oil is the speed at which it helps conquer pimples as well as the fact that it is completely natural. There are so many acne products on the market that have harsh, toxic chemicals – why would you want that on your skin?
  • It works as a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, astringent and once diluted, it can be used anywhere on your body.
  • The only place I get constant acne on my body is my backside (it’s very strange) and I make sure to use Tea Tree Oil soap about once a week to help cleanse the area and rid it of uncomfortable pimples!
  • If you have feet problems, whether it be toenail fungus or smelly feet, trying using Tea Tree Oil on your feet. It has a very medicinal smell and instantly helps cover up odor and quickly dissolves bacteria causing odor because of it's natural germ fighting capabilities.

Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil Online or Offline

You can buy Tea Tree Oil at your local health food store for around $10 per ounce. I get 1 oz at Whole Foods for $9.99 (lasts me a long time, too!) Remember, you want the real stuff to get the best benefits so opt for 100% Tea Tree Essential Oil. You can save money by diluting the strong stuff with distilled water. You can also shop around online to find some deals. 

Other Awesome Tea Tree Oil Products Online

There are also some other Tea Tree Oil products on the market such as cleansers, soaps and sprays. I use a Tea Tree Oil soap for body acne and Tea Tree Oil foot sprays are also fantastic for the summertime to keep you feeling fresh! Tea Tree Oil shampoo is also great for oily hair and can assist with any dry scalp issues that you might have.

Do You Currently Use Tea Tree Oil For a Home Remedy?

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    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 8 years ago from United States

      you're welcome! :)

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      RVDaniels 8 years ago from Athens, GA

      Good and useful information and  a really good hub. Thanks!