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Teal Earrings

Updated on March 12, 2011

Guide to Teal Earrings

Teal earrings can be an awesome way to add color to what could be a boring outfit. If you have to ask a woman what piece of jewelry she would wear, if she could only wear one thing, I am sure it would be earrings. Earrings are the perfect items to accessorize an outfit with. This hub is meant to be a guide for accessorizing your teal earrings with any outfit.

Whether you are wearing a black outfit, blue outfit, or even a green outfit, the greenish blue color of teal is the perfect match. Teal earrings can also incorporate other colors in them. Genuine or synthetic gems can also be incorporated into teal earrings giving them added glitz and glamor.

Did you know that the shape of your face can affect the earrings that you should wear to compliment your face? If you have a long face hoops and stud teal earrings should be your first option. While dangling or chandelier earrings are better if you have a smaller, rounder face.

Teal Earrings

The price of teal earrings will vary greatly depending upon a number of factors. For one, is the type of earring. You can purchase hoop earrings, dangling earrings, stud earrings, chandelier earrings.

Teal hoop earrings are perfect for informal affairs. Prices can range from low to medium. Hoop earrings can be found at most retail jewelry shops. Hoop earrings in teal may be harder to find and we suggest shopping on-line. Dangling teal earrings can be perfect for formal or informal affairs. They are medium priced earrings and can be worn with any face shape or hair color. Stud earrings are sometimes found in teal. These are good for any affair and work good on larger faces. Chandelier earrings are good for formal events. They match long faces the best.

If you shop online for teal earrings, I suggest or for low prices and a large selection.

teal earrings
teal earrings

Types of Teal Earrings

There are many types of teal earrings. The most popular teal earrings are stud teal earrings, teal dangle earrings, teal pearl earrings, and teal dangle earrings. What you choose to wear should be what you think will look best with your face structure, hair color, and skin tone.

teal dangle earrings
teal dangle earrings


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