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Teal Necklace

Updated on March 21, 2011

What is Teal Jewelry

A teal necklace is just one form of teal jewelry. There are many forms of teal jewelry including necklaces, chains, earrings, and even bracelets.

A teal necklace does not necessarily have to contain any sort of gemstone, it can however and likely will have a pendant of some sort. If nothing hangs from the necklace it is likely made from silver or stone.Teal pearl necklaces are also very popular.

When we think of a teal necklaces what most likely comes to most of our minds is Indian jewelry. While it is true that teal was a popular color with the Mayan people and some of their jewelry was teal, we are unsure where the first teal necklace came from.

Teal Necklace

Teal necklaces are normally reserved for woman. Men should stick to the more popular gold and silver necklaces. Teal is a bluish green color that has become very popular in the recent years and has always been a popular jewelry color.

If you have dark eyes and olive skin then a teal necklace may just be the perfect color for your skin and eye color. Now do no get me wrong, anyone can pull off teal colored necklaces, it is just these people have the advantage of having skin and eyes that will make the teal color really stand out.

The most common gemstones to be used with a teal necklace are green sapphires and other light green or blue gems. They are also widely available with pendants that can depict a persons interests that wears the necklace.

When shopping for a teal necklace I suggest searching for teal necklaces online first at or eBay and then when you find a style you like visit a local jewelry shop.If you do not see anything that you like at the jeweler be sure to describe to the what you are looking for as jewelers will often be helpful in ou search for the perfect teal necklace.

teal necklace
teal necklace


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