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Team Rocket costume

Updated on August 24, 2011

Team Rocket Costume Leads a Big Trend on Modern Cosplay Arena

Team Rocket costume frequently appears on today’s cosplay parties. People in different age groups show strong interest in putting on the white jacket, trousers and black boots for the fantastic show. It seems like they enjoy themselves while imitating James and Jesse from the Team Rocket. To live your life to be more interesting or experience something different, to impersonate a member from the Team Rocket may be a wonderful toner.

About this page: how to make a Team Rocket cosplay costume is reviewed below. People who do well in imitating Team Rocket are also shared. Probably, you will find some crucial inspirations on how to complete your own cosplay semblance from below words. Just keep reading please.

How to Make a Team Rocket Costume?

First, find pictures with high definition and download them. You will need some detailed pictures as reference while making the cosplay costume. So seek for a gallery of Team Rocket pictures available online.

Second, discover the long red curving wig. If the wig you have found is not curving, do not worry please. Just style it into a long swoop by a curl at the ending.

Thirdly, to look as similar as possible with members in Team Rocket, you will need to make up on your eyes. Add brightly red lipstick to your mouth please.

Fourthly, the white turtleneck and short sleeved midriff jacket is a must-have item. Or, you can use an open-front shirt. Then, sew or glue a big red “R” symbol on the front of the jacket. While making your own Pokémon cosplay costumes, it’s imperative to be imaginative. Just see what you can use in your wardrobe. Or go to a thrift shop for some cheap materials on which you can create an anime outfit. In the later case, you will get information on how to cut straight and sew a hem easily.

Fifthly, if you can not find a black t-shirt, just neglect it. Shorten a white turtleneck. Sew or glue a big red “R” appliqué on the front directly.

Sixthly, layer your white jacket or shirt over the midriff black t-shirt. And then pair your top with a whit mini skirt. Like this picture shows to you, this female looks dolce and a little sexy with her Pokémon cosplay costume.

Seventhly, black hip-length boots made from leather or leather-like materials are required. Also, a pair of long black gloves should be collected to enhance your cool cosplay appearance.

Eighthly, a pair of large and round earrings in green dangling under the lobes is necessary. Actually speaking, all of these elements are not hard to be found from your closet or on the market. You will never spend a lot of time in making your Pokémon costumes personally.

Excellent Team Rocket Cosplayers

Since cosplay becomes more and more popular in today’s era, people in a large age group do show strong interest in imitating some fictional roles. In this kind of performance art, so many people do well in impersonating those anime roles. Here is an excellent cosplayer for Team Rocket. The Pokémon Team Rocket cosplay costume flatters her figure. She shows us a feminine and temperately sexy look, right? The suit she is wearing covers over 95% similarities with what it should look like. The curving hairstyle is also an eye-catching hit on her entire semblance. Probably, girls with slim silhouettes like this girl will be better cosplayers for Team Rocket.

This female also did well in impersonating a Team Rocket member. It seems nothing is neglected by her. The red wig, green earrings, midriff jacket with R symbol, mini skirt and black leather boots are all covered. The rose becomes a finishing touch to make this imitator noticed in the busy crowd. To make some differences or live your life to the fullest, you can also do well in acting your favorite anime role like this female. Just be more resolute while choosing the role to be acted.

Team Rocket cosplay costumes become sought-after items on the market. But because of the simple style, most cosplay lovers tend to customize their suits or make their outfits personally. Anyway, this kind of activities really brings modern people lots of joy. To really experience the imaginary world described by anime writers or movie producers, just join in the fantastic cosplay shows now.

Buy Team Rocket Jesse Costume

Price:$39.99 | Source

This team rocket Jesse costume for Pokémon cosplay provided by an experienced manufacture will delight you with high quality and high similarities. Including an uppergarment, jacket, skirt, gloves and stockings, the supple and comfortable uniform cloth will enable you wash it easily by hand in cold water. Whoever wants to cosplay as Jesse should never ignore this cosplay costume.


Choose your size from S, M, L and XL or ask for a customize service. This Jesse cosplay costume can be shipped ou in 24 hours, stunning?

Why not check it out here and start your happy Pokémon cosplay journey right now?

Buy Team Rocket James Cosplay Costume

Price: $42.99
Price: $42.99 | Source

If James cosplay also draws your favor, you are absolutely lucky to find this James costume, offered by This dealer often offers anime lovers deluxe but cheap cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, etc. What you care is always taken into their considerations. This James cosplay costume was finished in their costume factory just now and reviewed below. For length information on each small item, just go to our site.


This Pokemon costume is made from cotton. You will find regular texture on the cloth if taking a closer look. Absolute comfort and durability are ensured. Plus refined handwork, it does seem great! Without any messy thread, it can be washed in cold water directly and then lined dry. Due to the luxurious cloth, it will be able to keep a smooth look even after being worn times.

James costume includes a jacket, coat, trousers and gloves. It’s strictly made to be faithful to the anime. You have seen the R symbol on the front. It’s made from rubber, which can be also washed together with the costume. Instead of being adhered to the costume, it’s sewn onto the suit, guaranteeing better durability. Now, the James cosplay costume can be checked out on $30.09 due to the discount activity. You save 30% now. Just find your size from S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made. It will be shipped out in 48 hours. Shop here, you will never feel disappointed.


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