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Tease For Two Lotions: New Edible And Kissable Body Treats From Victoria's Secret

Updated on September 17, 2011

Valentines day is just around the corner, and of course, I just received my new Victoria s Secret magazine in the mail. Victoria's Secret is the holy grail when it comes to Valentines Day, and most likely makes most of their revenue during this time. While flipping through the pages I saw a few cute items but what grabbed my attention instantly was "Tease For Two" edible treats. They have body icing, whipped body creme, shimmer powder, massage oil, and lotion! All edible!

Now I know that in the past other companies have done this, but I never was impressed. To me they always tasted almost like plastic. Me being the Victoria's Secret lover that I am, I am hoping that these products are amazing. Another plus is that they aren't overly expensive. Pricing at about 15$ an item, it falls into the price range of other edible products. On top of the fact that they are edible, the designs are absolutely adorable! Black and fuchsia labels, and white with pastels; both a great combination! In the magazine (I haven't seen it online...yet) they had the "Tease Party Sweet Seduction Kit" for only 20$! The kit includes the chocolate body icing, Berry Passion massage lotion, and Vanilla Craving massage oil. All comes in a cute black and fuchsia printed box. This would make a great gift for you and your lover, not only for Valentines Day but all year round! I would definitely give it a look!


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    • profile image

      Rosemarie;) 5 years ago

      I just bought the Kissable whipped body cream the other day, and I like it a lot. It was $12 at my local VS. As cali gurl said, it doesn't tste good out of the can, but if you rub it on then try it it tastes like vanilla icing and mademy skin soft. Great buy.

      -P.S When I told my bf I got it his face was priceless. Good investment on my part I must say :)

    • profile image

      cali gurl 7 years ago

      I actually purchased the kissable whipped body creme today. I had no idea it was a valentine themed product, I just thought it looked like fun. The texture is similar to cool whip, however it doesn't taste good out of can. I put a little on my hand and rubbed it in, tasted much better then. It is slightly sticky..kinda like a post-it note. Haven't tried it with the hubbs yet, but I'm sure he'll love it.

    • profile image

      amber 7 years ago

      I had to google it to make sure it was edible it had a similar texture to mousse lotion for a second but its actually pretty good