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Teen Haircuts to the Mature Makeover Look good at Any Age

Updated on November 17, 2016

I had my hair cut today. It'is not a thing that I do very often, mainly because I hate the idea of someone chopping and pulling my hair, usually too much. I always think that, if I say two inches off of the bottom, I am going to look in the mirror and see at least ten inches hit the salon floor! But this time I had to.

My hair had become very dry and damaged, mainly through me coloring it, and not taking enough care. So, taking my life in my hands, so to speak, I headed of to the nearest salon. Now I don't know about you, but if there is one thing that drives me crazy, is the fact that a man can go straight into the barber shop and have a hair cut. Women have to make an 'appointment'. Why? Why do we do that? I can understand it, if you want to get your hair coloured, or maybe permed.

Obviously this would take up quite a lot of time, so for the respect of the other customers, and not to keep them waiting, make an appointment. But most ladies, like me, just want to go into a hairdressers, and get it chopped, if you get my drift. We are like that. We do things on a whim.

Okay, for some of us that may be a bad idea. Can you imagine your husbands face, when you decide on the spur of the moment, that actually that new craze, you know the one I mean, blue spikes and shaved sides, might just look good on you? Well, you get my point! But seriously, most women like to take their time. But not waiting for it to be cut, just take their time choosing the style. Once that is done, then of we go, hoping that we can be fitted in somewhere. But that is when the trouble starts.

I bet you cannot find one ladies hairdressers that will fit you in straight away. I am lucky, there is a unisex hairdressers just down the road from me, and I always go there. Well, at least once every two years! The rest of the time I do it myself. Anyway, my point is, after deciding that I wanted a new cut, I looked in the magazines, and online and after about half an hour, I began to get very frustrated that every time I clicked on a site, it had about two pictures of hairstyles and a lot of writing! So I went to another one.

Same thing. In fact there was only about two sites that were decent. So after having my hair cut, luckily I found one good picture, I decided that, when I had more time, I would check it out some more. No, same thing. So I did the only thing I could think of to rectify the problem. Do one myself. So here we are. I have tried to cover all ages, because another thing that drove me insane, was trying to get a haircut that would look good on me, and not just a twenty year old beauty queen!

Teens Girls

So I thought I would start with a few teen hairstyles, and work my way up from there. I have tried to be as varied as I could be. From the short bob, to the long curl.

Why Not Add a bit of Colour to Your Hair with a few Accessories?

Boys hairstyles
Boys hairstyles

Boys skater looks and Emos

The one good thing about boys hairstyles these days, are the way that they can have a versatile look instead of the old short back, and sides, or the long biker hair.

It really all depends on the shape of the face. If you have a large forehead then a good floppy fringe is great. If not, got for the classic short back and sides look, either way go for what you like and are happy with.

Hair styles 2016
Hair styles 2016

The More Mature look

It's not only teens that like a sassy new hairstyle. Just because you are older, doesn't mean that you have to succumb to the old sad looking perm or bob.

Check these out. I always think older women have a habit of sticking to the really short styles, and I recently noticed while out shopping, that at least three women walked into the shop looking exactly the same. Short cut hair, big glasses, same clothes etc.

I think a really short cut, with a back combed crown makes you look at least ten years older. The best bet if you want to have short hair, is to have it flat, or curly, but make sure that it is quite long at the front.

It takes years of off your face. Check out some of these ladies. Their hair makes them look younger, whatever their age.

And don't forget to get a cut at least every six months. There is nothing wrong with long hair, but even long hair needs to be kept neat and in style. Layers add a good volume to the hair, making it look full of body, and not too flat.

Thicken up thin hair, or why not try the Hair Regrowth Tablets?

Mens hairstyles

Now ladies, you are meant to be looking at the hairstyles for men! not at the men! I know it's hard, but I am trying to be serious here! You all know that you really want your husbands to look like the last picture!

I couldn't resist putting a picture up of such a hunk of a man, with such a barnet (English speak for haircut!) that would make you drag your hubby down to the barbers and just whack him in that old chair!

Thanks for reading it, and if these didn't wet your whistle (English speak for getting you excited!) then I am afraid I have no idea what to do with you! Ha Ha!

If you like these, then why not check out the links and see what else is out there?


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