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Tooth Extraction Make the Reservation

Updated on June 11, 2012

What to expect when your having a tooth removed:

I am terrified of the dentist, more than that I was terrified of the thought of having a tooth extracted. This is exactly what I needed to have done with a wisdom tooth of mine. I had been putting this off for 8 years now. The day finally arrived when I was told by my dentist that I had an abscess behind my wisdom tooth and it had to come out now before I was in serious pain. I agreed and made the appointment for a week later.

For a week I agonized over my options to have the tooth removed. IV sedation that would knock me entirely out, but I was afraid of this option because I had never had any type of sedation so I opted not to do this (also I have small children and didn’t want to have the after affects of this method). I could have just Novocain and have them pull it. Originally this was my plan until I started to panic the second I walked out the door after making the appointment. I called the next day to schedule sedation involving Valium and Nitrous oxide. This method made me very uneasy also but it was better than the other options.

I feel that the unknown is what made it so nerve wracking. That is why I am writing this for others so they will know what to expect from the medications. I needed to arrive early for the Valium to take affect before the procedure was to begin. The Valium gave the feeling of just being slightly sleepy while less tense about the situation. After about 10 minutes I went into the room and was given the Nitrous oxide gas after I was given oxygen for a few minutes to prevent headaches. The gas really just makes you feel as if you are hyperventilating without the terrifying affect of breathing effect! Your hands and feet tingle and it does make you feel less stressed about the situation. Then the numbing needles! The needles are one of the worst parts of the procedure. They still hurt so if you are expecting them not to because of the medications don’t you will be sadly mistaken.

After the numbing medicine takes affect the pulling on the tooth began. It was a very uncomfortable process but not as horrible as you may guess. It feels as if your jaw is being taken apart and may actually unhinge (it won’t by the way or at least that’s what I was told when I asked in a very concerned voice while they were pulling). In my personal experience there was a bit of kicking around and I am very embarrassed to admit this, but I did bite the dentist as the pushed back on my tooth to give it elevation. I also MAY have kicked the equipment tray when he started to yank! All in all one of the worst things you will experience is the sound of the tooth cracking and roots creaking as they give way. It is a very unnerving sound and makes you assume they are crunching your tooth to pieces.

Directly after to procedure was done I was able to push some gauze in my mouth wait a few more minutes while inhaling more oxygen before walking out of the dentist’s office on my own just fine. The Nitrous oxide literally wears off in a matter of seconds so that is a very nice thing when you need to be able to function after such a procedure. You do, however, need to have a driver to take you home so keep that in mind if you decide to take this root.

Knowing what to expect can really help to ease the anxiety that comes along with having a procedure that is completely new to you. If you have anxiety and reservations about having a tooth extraction be sure to ask as many questions as it takes to make you feel comfortable. Make sure you ask about after care before you have the procedure done so that you understand what you are going to need to do after the procedure because it is not the easiest thing to do to listen when you are under stress. Keep in mind that you will have pain to some extent after the procedure. It may be slight discomfort or if may be agony depending on how hard it was to extract the tooth. Ask about pain management. Make sure you ask what you should and shouldn’t eat. Tobacco products are a very big no-no when having a tooth extracted.

It is important to keep in mind that your comfort should be a main priority as well as your mental state. A main priority for recovery is keeping rest in mind for the first day or two you really need to rest try to sleep as much as you can because you will feel so much better with ample rest. It will be hard to eat for the first few days also DO NOT OVER DO IT (I had the bright idea to eat a steak cosmo why I have no clue). Stick to very soft foods, and do not use straws to drink with. Keep your fluid intake up and be sure that you are drinking plenty of water to aide in healing. Keep yourself comfortable, relax, and keep your spirits up.


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