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Teeth Whitening Strips - Avoiding Teeth Whitening Scams Online

Updated on March 16, 2011

Best Selling Tooth Whitening Products

A Bright New Smile From Tooth Whitening

Dental Whitening Scams are easily avoided. As you browse around the Internet these days it’s almost impossible to avoid Teeth Whitening Advertisements. Whitening your teeth is a totally cosmetic process; it doesn’t make your teeth function any better. In fact too much tooth whitening can actually damage the surface enamel. This brief article is not an introduction to teeth whitening nor is it an explanation as to how its done or how tooth whitening works. This is just a simple warning to avoid being scammed by unethical companies offering whitening products.

First let me tell you that I know a bit about tooth whitening. I’ve done it. First I tried the Crest Teeth Whitening Strips. They were difficult to keep in place (The newer Crest Brand White Strips are supposedly much better). I did the 2 weeks as recommended then noticed a slight improvement. They do work, but I wanted faster more brilliant results. It’s been about 6 years now so maybe they are much better?

So after my Crest Teeth Whitening Strips experience I asked my Dentist what is the “best way to whiten my teeth”. He told me the best way to whiten teeth was with the home bleaching products. So he made a set of “trays” to hold the tooth gel. I believe the gel costs about $20 per syringe. At least that is what he charged me. And the trays set me back about $250. I had no idea at the time if this was a good deal or not, and I still don’t. I trusted my Dentist so I said Okay.

The trays did a much better job of holding the gel in place, but they were uncomfortable to wear for even a half hour. The Bleaching Gel made some of my teeth sensitive. Simply put it was not a pleasant experience. But my teeth did become noticeably whiter. It’s not like they were bad to begin with, but being in a sales position at the time I wanted to look my best for prospective clients.

I also asked my Dentist about other methods… like laser whitening. And he didn’t have much of an opinion. It may have been due to the fact that he did not have the equipment or maybe 6 years ago it was not a good alternative.

In any case, now you have a little background lets get on to avoiding Tooth Whitening scams and how they work.

How the Teeth Whitening Scam Works

No one would intentionally pay 10x the cost of a product on purpose. These scam companies know this so they try and trick you. The typical offer is a “Free Trial”… don’t fall for it! Free Trials are a scam! They are almost never legitimate. They may say something like 100% free all you have to do is pay the shipping. Sounds good doesn’t it. Seems fair doesn’t it?

Well once they get your credit card information you nightmare begins. When you sign up for a Free Trial they bill you! You have to read the fine print!

Typical Teeth Whitening Scam fine print: (Usually very tiny and often hidden so you don’t even see it!)

Offer Details: When you order today you'll be signed up as a member of our exclusive preferred customer club. You will be billed $4.95 for the shipping of your 14-day day trial, then once you choose to continue whitening with the DazzleWhite Pro System the low member price of only $58.76 per month for every month. (Shipped as a fresh, 3 month supply every 90 days.) And remember, there is never any obligation you can cancel your membership at any time by calling 866-989-2686.

What a load of crap. An exclusive club? Huh? What are you stupid? Do these people think you are stupid? Have you ever heard of a Teeth Whitening Club?

Don’t get scammed! These companies are not legitimate. $58.76 a month is outrageously expensive. It’s robbery! It’s unethical. It’s these very types of ads the Government is cracking down on and rightfully so. The people running these ads are total scumbags!

It’s sometimes hard to get out of these charges too. Sometimes your credit card company will help you sometimes they will not. Sometimes people just admit defeat, pay the charges and get taken advantage of because they don’t want to look stupid. And that is stupid. When you are taken advantage of you should refuse to pay. Fight them and make it hard on them. What most people don’t know is that once you contest the charges they have to respond in writing. It costs them time and money to do this. Often they will back down. If not then fight with your card company. The more you fight the better chances you have of not being used by these unscrupulous people!

These whitening scams are everywhere online. Celebrity Tooth Whitening, Dazzle White, etc. Just a big picture of a pretty girl with a great smile and then a bunch of hype to get you to bite (Pun Intended). And when these companies get caught and exposed they simply change their name and open up a new site. In fact some of these companies operate dozens of sites all using the same scam. And most using Google Adwords. Just because it’s on Google doesn’t make it legitimate. I’ve clicked on their ads, I’ve see the scams. In fact I’m happy to click their ads because I know it costs them money and that much less profit is my contribution to preventing the proliferation of these rip offs. The Government can not step in soon enough to deal with these people. I hope they get fined and fined heavy. It’s deceiving and dishonest and has no place in business.

Cybersonic a legitimate company sells there tooth whitening product Sonic White One Step Bleaching Gel for only $9.95 plus shipping. And that is for a 90 day supply! I am in no way affiliated with Cybersonic and I am not compensated for this link. I can not tell you if the CyberSonic Tooth Whitening Product works or if it does not. I do know they are a real company, and I am simply showing this as an example to point out how much of a rip off the tooth whitening scam companies are!

As another example, and one I’ve actually used, I presented to you above is Crest White Strips. Crest Brand Toothpaste is known to pretty much everyone in the United States. White Strips are a tooth bleaching system that is available at stores like Target for $25-$45 dollars.

Bottom line is White Teeth are nice to have, but you don’t have to pay much to get them. I’d advise you to ask your Dentist, but if you choose not to then I’d advise you to stick with brands and names you trust. Too many scams on the Internet. Dental Whitening you can trust because your Dentist is a Credentialed Professional who is held to a higher standard.

Teeth Whitening Strips Model

Teeth Whitening Strips - Typical Model Smile You Expect To See
Teeth Whitening Strips - Typical Model Smile You Expect To See


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  • profile image

    selma1996 7 years ago

    beautiful teeth

  • profile image

    Debbie Gilani 7 years ago

    I have been scammed as well. I suggest that any one who has fallen for this as I have should contact their Attorney General's office and file a complaint. I am doing so today.

  • profile image

    don brickman 8 years ago

    I almost got ripped off by this free except for shipping. I tried to cancel and the only way was to pay for a prepaid shipping label @6.95 to send it back the next day. I would be charged in advance for this label. I would also be charged $60-70 even if I canceled today and didn't receive any future shipments. "It's in the agreement...BS what a fraud.