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Temporary Tattoos for Women and Men: Halloween 2012’s Best Transient Body Art Ideas

Updated on October 10, 2012
Permanent tattoos can be such a pain in the neck!
Permanent tattoos can be such a pain in the neck! | Source

Mehndi, Airbrushing and Other Tattoo Ideas for October

More and more women - and men - nowadays are getting their bodies tattooed; though the erstwhile taboos against this phenomenon are gradually disappearing, many are still not comfortable about the permanent nature of a traditional tattoo. Rushing in to fill the gap are women’s temporary tattoo shops that provide the same form of art, but in an impermanent way. Some of these forms are Henna art from Persia and India, airbrushed tattoos, and temporary transfer tattoos. They're also a great way to celebrate Halloween 2012 with temporary tattoos that won't clash with your alter ego when it's not the haunting season.

There are several advantages of opting for non-permanent tattoos. While affording the same sense of style, they provide the option of changing your mind. You can even change your tattoo periodically, and it’s a whole lot of fun experimenting without the fear of making an irreparable mistake. There are also not as many health risks as with a permanent intrusive tattoo; even the pain element is completely removed.

Types of Temporary Tattoos for Women and Men

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos, far from being a modern art form, are traditionally used in the East for weddings and other ceremonial functions. Typically, the artistic styles and designed have been passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter and so on. They are part of an overall beauty-enhancing process that includes the use of jewelry and body piercing; both have which have caught on in the West as forms of self-expression. Henna is the paste of a natural plant - the Henna leaf. It works by staining the skin a reddish brown, and will generally fade in a couple of weeks as the skin’s superficial cells are replaced naturally by the body. Another name for Henna Tattoos is Mehndi Art.

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are another popular transient alternative to permanent tattoos. Stencils, an airbrush, and temporary ink are used to create an effect as genuine as the original. However, the tattoos are easily washed off, and depending on the location of the tattoo on the body, may last only a few days.

Transfer Tattoos

Transfers are the most contemporary form of tattoo art, and literally involve relocating a design from paper to your skin. Though considered ‘amateur’ by professional tattooists, they are probably perfect for those who either want to try out various designs before settling on a permanent choice for regular tattooing, or who want to avoid permanent tattooing altogether. Young women in their teens find these very convenient as the associated risks of a regular tattoo don’t exist. They are rapidly becoming the temporary tattoo of choice for getting into the Halloween mood in 2012.

Why Temporary Tattoos?

One of the reasons that temporary tattoos are becoming so popular these days could be the fact that they provide the options of choice and change that a permanent tattoo or even body piercing can never provide. Though social stigma associated with body art is slowing fading away, much like temporary tattoos after a week, they’re still a long way from being openly accepted, only having crossed the barrier of tolerance just recently. A lot of young women and even men who aren’t comfortable with permanent body disfiguration are turning to temporary tattoos as a balance between self-expression and permanent change - a metaphoric bridge between the goths and the goth-nots!


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