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Ten Reasons why you should never get a Tattoo

Updated on March 2, 2016
Some popular international footballers who are famously known for their tattoos. They include Memphis Depay, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Van Der Wiel, Djbril Cisse, Nigel De Jong, and Daniel Agger
Some popular international footballers who are famously known for their tattoos. They include Memphis Depay, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Van Der Wiel, Djbril Cisse, Nigel De Jong, and Daniel Agger

So many people have so many different reasons for having a tattoo on their body. Some for beautification, medical purpose, others for memories, while a large number of people have tattoo because it is becoming popular on social media and they would want to belong. Markings, drawings or better still, inscriptions made on the bodies for beautification, tradition or for any other reasons with ink or any coloured pigment are called Tattoos. Currently, this is definitely for me what is in vogue in our world today after social media. But the use of tattoo never started just recently or over some decades ago, it has been practiced for centuries in many cultures and spread throughout the world.

A Māori Chief with tattoos
A Māori Chief with tattoos | Source

In fact, it is of a major interest to know that the origin of Tattoo could be dated as far back as from about 1500 BC when the Polynesians started using locally and traditionally made inks to mark their bodies. Ancient Egyptians used tattoos as early as 2000 BC. The Ancient Greeks and Romans tattooed criminals and slaves, and in the 19th century released American convicts and British army deserters were identified by tattoos. Prisoners in Siberian and Nazi concentration camps were tattooed with an identification number. Today, many prison inmates still tattoo themselves as an indication of time spent in prison.

Koita marriageable lady
Koita marriageable lady | Source
David Beckham's back tattoo
David Beckham's back tattoo

Some traditions value the use of tattoos. In Papua New Guinea, the people of Koita traditionally uses Tattoo among females, with the V-shaped tattoo on the chest indicating that a lady had reached marriageable age around 1912. The use of Tattoo is becoming more popular these days among celebrities especially musicians and footballers. In fact, it has ridiculously gone so bad that you cannot be listed as an A-list celebrity if you don’t have a tattoo. People especially teenagers now want to have a tattoo because their celebrity idols has one. I must confess that I love beautifully and neatly drawn tattoos especially that of Ex-England footballer David Beckham (pictured inset), but it is a turn-off for me when I see dirty ones.

A woman with tattoo on pregnant stomach, is an  abuse of  tattoo
A woman with tattoo on pregnant stomach, is an abuse of tattoo

But now days because of the widespread abuse of tattoo the Christian society now frown seriously at these practices and this is one of the reasons I don’t like to have one on my body. But also I must mention that the following posed risks and dangers involved in getting a tattoo discouraged me and made me stay away from getting one till now and I guess would definitely make you too have a second thought on that, let’s see them;

A tattoo gone bad
A tattoo gone bad

Getting tattooed can turn bad: Particularly red or similar colours (like purple, pink, orange etc) tend to cause more problems and damages compared to other colours. Red ink has even caused skin and flesh damages so severe that amputation of a leg or an arm has been necessary. When a tattooed area begins to cause even minor troubles, like becoming itchy or worse lumpy, then Danish experts strongly suggest removing the red parts.

An infected tattoo can look ugly
An infected tattoo can look ugly | Source

You can get infected: This is a common occurrence especially in developing countries where the cost of obtaining quality tattooing materials is expensive. Tattoo artiste could be careless a times. Unsterilized tattooing equipments can transmit infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, infections of the skin, fungal infections, HIV, staph. The risk of infections is the reason the American Association of Blood Banks requires a one-year wait interval between getting a tattoo and donating blood. So it is extremely important to make sure that all materials used for tattooing are kept clean and sterilized always before use.

Tattoos can be itchy when it comes in contact with water
Tattoos can be itchy when it comes in contact with water | Source

Having a bath or swimming is a nightmare: If you are thinking of getting a tattoo you might as well know that fresh tattoos are water resistant. In other words, avoid coming in contact with water for a week after getting a tattoo and when you take a bath it would sting and hurt badly. Therefore, the person who receives a tattoo must be sure to take good care for the tattooed area properly during the first week and after the pigments are injected.

A scar after tattoo removal
A scar after tattoo removal

Process of Tattoo removal is dangerous and risky: The expense and pain associated with removing tattoos are typically greater than the ones associated with applying them. The various processes involved in tattoo removal are widely seen by many to be dangerous especially the surgical use of tissue expanders (balloons are inserted under the skin, so that when the tattoo is cut away, scarring is minimized). Larger tattoos may require repeated surgery for complete removal. Other methods of tattoo removal include Dermabrasion, which involves abrading layers of skin with a wire brush or diamond fraise (a type of sanding disc). This method is very painful and always leaves a scar (pictured above).

Sometimes an acid solution is used to remove the tattoo pigment which will create a temporal or permanent scar on the affected skin in place of the tattoo. This process is called Scarification

Video about infected tattoos

Tattoo with swelling and redness caused by red pigments
Tattoo with swelling and redness caused by red pigments | Source

Allergic Reactions: According to medical scientist, every normal living human being is allergic to something except if not yet discovered by some persons. So that means some persons who wants to get tattooed could be allergic to some methods of Tattoo removal especially the laser treatments. There have been reports of individuals suffering allergic reactions after the use of laser treatments to remove tattoos, apparently because the laser caused allergic substances in the tattoo ink to be released directly into the body.

Nodule formation around tattoo areas: Particles of tattoo pigments can sometimes form granulomas when it comes in contact with the body. Granulomas are nodules that may form around materials that the body may perceive as unwanted and foreign.

People with Tattoo are seen as Outcast  christian community
People with Tattoo are seen as Outcast christian community

Facing the moral society: Are you prepared to face the moral Society? You might as well be ready to live with the stigmatization that comes when you finally get a tattoo. In this part of the world, tattoo is not well accepted especially amongst Christians and persons who have them on their bodies are brandished irresponsible and dirty. In most cases they are preached to repent and asked to accept Jesus Christ’ as their personal lord and saviour.

Would you love to have a tattoo soon?

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If you are on MRI treatment please do inform your Doctor about your Tattoo
If you are on MRI treatment please do inform your Doctor about your Tattoo
Keloids formed on a man's tattooed area
Keloids formed on a man's tattooed area

Keloid formation and MRI complications: MRI means magnetic resonance imaging and is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. It could be an X-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT) scan. There were reported cases of people with tattoo who experience swelling or burning in the affected areas when they undergo any MRI treatment. But this seems to rarely occur and probably without a lasting effect. So for people who have MRI related issues, tattoos are no go area. Formation of Keloids which are scars that grow beyond normal boundaries. So if you are prone to developing Keloid, then you are at higher risk of Keloid formation from a tattoo. Keloids may form at the tattooed area of your body, any time you injure or traumatize your skin.

Coping with desire to remove tattoo: Due to constant change in trends and styles, the once nice-looking permanent tattoo when first injected may be later called old-fashioned and embarrassing. So, the need or desire to update your tattoo style may arise which will lead to camouflaging. Camouflaging a tattoo involves the injection of new pigments either to form a new pattern or cover a tattoo with skin-toned pigments.

A man with an infected Tattoo as a result of copmlications
A man with an infected Tattoo as a result of copmlications

Complication during and after removal: Removal of tattoos from the body can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Despite advances in technology, removing a tattoo is a painful process, which usually involves series of treatment and is expensive too. It should be noted that complete removal without scarring may be impossible.


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    • Arthur Nwokolo profile imageAUTHOR

      Factable News 

      2 years ago from Lagos

      Hi Christina, Nice to know you like my articles. Sure of course I talked to a tattoo artist and consulted a medical practitioner....

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You do realize that the pregnant belly tattoo is photoshopped?

      You‘d might notice if you‘d spend more than 5 seconds looking at the images.

      Also, almost all of these reasons is ignoring the fact that you should look for competent tattoo artists. Considering of the amount of people who are tattooed, the number of tattoos gone wrong, if done properly, is super low.

      I‘m always open for new opinions and view points, but not misinformed ones.

    • sippyhippy profile image

      Christina Brooks 

      3 years ago from Washington State

      I like the details of the history of tattoos, I find them fascinating. However, you seem to be misinformed about some information. Do you even have tattoos yourself? Did you go and talk to a tattoo artist about any of these topics? So a majority of infection is from either going to an artist who doesn't have their license or are not reputable (AKA people who get tattoos in prison or unsafe environments like a garage). Or infection can set in from someone simply neglecting to clean their tattoo correctly.

      You do not need to stay away from water for a week. Obviously going into the ocean which has insane amounts of bacteria and grossness is not a good thing because you have an open wound on your body. Going into a pool and hot tub is not a good idea because you do not want all the chemicals getting into your open wound. That can shower, you can wash it.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It is VERY important to go to a reputable tattoo artist. Remember NOTHING is free and if you are price shopping a piece of artwork you are going to have on you for good, you risk infection and reactions to bad ink. Save up, pay for a good tattoo and enjoy it without issues. P.S. Most reputable tattoo artists won't tattoo crap on you (your welcome)

    • Arthur Nwokolo profile imageAUTHOR

      Factable News 

      4 years ago from Lagos

      Mandy, Thanks so much for your contributions at least future users would take note

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      An MRI doesn't have anything to do with X-rays or ultrasounds, they're completly different. To begin with an MRI doesn't use radiation unless you're having a CT and an MRI. I've had 5 MRIs and three of those where after I got my tattoo and the doctor told me only fresh tattoos can cause burning and itching. They've yet to see someone have problems with a tattoo which is over 6 months old. The MRI only affects tattoos if there is some kind of metal in the ink, the itching is due to the magnet moving the metal. Not all inks contain metal dust so that helps too. My longest MRI was an hour and that is considered to be a pretty long scan. I don't think that having regular MRIs is a reason not to get a tattoo, especally cause the risk is so low.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I will!

    • Arthur Nwokolo profile imageAUTHOR

      Factable News 

      5 years ago from Lagos

      Thanks milkeydcarroll67, watch out for more lovely hubs from me

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very detailed hub! I am glad that you covered a lot of the history associated with the tattooing process.


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