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Five Natural Oils That are Great for Your Hair

Updated on August 4, 2019

Using Different Oils

Oils can be used for a lot more than just cooking. They can be used for many things in health and beauty. One of them is hair care. You can use oils like olive oil to help with conditioning, to add shine, to promote new growth and the list goes on. The best part is that these oils are natural and are made from plants. You don't have to worry about chemicals and toxins when you use natural carrier oils. Another great thing about using these oils is that they don't cost nearly as much as similar products. For example, using olive oil as a leave-in conditioner. The bottle of oil will cost much less and you don't have to use as much to get the job done. Each oil can be used for something different and all of them have multiple uses.


Argon Oil

This oil is absolutely wonderful for your hair. It works almost like magic. Argon oil is easily absorbed by your hair. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins. This helps restore elasticity and shine. The oil helps smooth out damage from heat styling and chemical use. This is one of the best oils to use for seriously damaged and unmanageable hair. The omega threes in this oil are great for strengthening hair and promoting new hair growth. It makes a difference after the very first use. This is the perfect oil for fine hair because it is not too greasy or heavy.

Different uses

This oil can be used in different ways. Some are quicker and more simple than others. The first way is just to apply a small amount to the ends and the most damaged part of your hair rub in and leave it in until the next time you wash your hair. Argon oil is especially good for this use because it is a non-greasy oil. Another way is to coat your hair let it sit for fifteen minutes to half an hour and then wash out with your normal shampoo. This works well as a deep-conditioning method. The third way to use this is as a hot oil treatment. Apply the oil to your hair and cover with a hot towel. After fifteen minutes to a half an hour wash it out with your normal products. You can also heat up the oil (not too hot you don't want to burn yourself) and coat your hair. This is just another way to perform a hot oil treatment. The results are the same so you can choose whatever is easiest for you.


Coconut Oil

This oil has omega threes and has vitamin e and proteins these are all great for hair. The one thing that makes this oil different from the rest though is its molecular structure is significantly smaller than most other oils. This is just a fancy way of saying its parts are smaller and is absorbed more easily and deeper than other oils. This is probably what makes it work so well. It does not just repair your hair from the outside it repairs from the inside too. other oils can get in there don't get me wrong just not as deeply as coconut oil. This makes this particular oil great at promoting new strong and healthy hair growth. Another great plus is it smells great. This oil is good for most hair types but is especially great for thick coarse hair.

Different uses

This oil is great for topical use. Just run it into your ends to help with damaged ends. You can use a small amount on the rest of your hair but not to much or it will look greasy. Using this oil as a deep conditioner is another great treatment. Coating your hair with oil everywhere accept for the roots to avoid greasiness. Leaving in for a while I would recommend a half an hour but even overnight use is okay. Then wash out when you're ready. This is a great method for heat protection as well.


Almond Oil

This oil is another one of the greats. It is full of omega fatty acids but not just omega threes there are nines and sixes too. It has vitamins d and e both are good for hair. This oil is different than the others. This oil is especially good for the scalp. It has qualities that help remove build-up from the scalp fighting dandruff and allowing the scalp to soak up those vitamins. Cleaning and nourishing the scalp promotes new hair growth. Almond oil is great for fighting hair loss. That is not all this oil leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny. This oil is especially great for fine hair and also thinning hair.

Different uses

Almond oil can be used for topical use. Just apply to damaged hair or the ends and run in gently and let it sit until next time you are ready to wash your hair. For a scalp treatment rub into your roots and massage gently. Rinse out after fifteen minutes you may want to wash your hair with shampoo twice to avoid greasiness. Almond oil is great to use as a deep conditioner. Just coat your hair leave in overnight and wash it out in the morning.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for dry damaged hair. It moisturizes your hair and then seals it in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. One of its unique qualities is that it has antibacterial qualities. This helps remove build-up and germs on the scalp. This promotes new hair growth. Olive oil nourishes your hair with vitamins and repairs damage from heat and chemicals. This oil works really well on thick and coarse hair because it is a heavier oil.

Different uses

Olive oil has been used for a very long time. It can be used as a deep conditioner for overnight use. Another way to use this oil is for topical use for dry hair apply it to the ends and rub in. Olive oil is used in a lot of homemade conditioning recipes and hair masks so you could find one specifically that fits your needs.


Jojoba Oil

This another one of those miracle oils! One of those things that make this oil so great is that it works on just about any hair type. It is a wonderful hydrating oil. This is especially good for dried out brittle hair. This oil works so well because it has the same structure as sebum the natural oil created by our scalps. Since it is so close in molecular structure our hair drinks it up allowing it to work its magic. This oil has antioxidant qualities so it helps clear up the build-up of the scalp.

Different uses

This oil has endless uses. It can be used as an overnight deep conditioner. It is used in many hair mask recipes and natural conditioners. Another type of treatment you could use is the hot oil hair mask. This oil is also used as a light daytime leave-in conditioner.

Natural oils

What natural oil works best for your hair

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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 

      6 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Brittanie,

      Thank you for an interesting article on the use of various oils on the hair. At the same time, of course, the oils are treating the scalp and in many instances promote healthy growth.

      Voted up,useful and interesting.

      Kind regards Peter


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