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Ten top ways a teenage girl can look beautiful. Fresh beauty!

Updated on October 5, 2013

Be a natural beauty the right way.

Teenage is a period in your life when you see the world in a new way. Your body undergoes changes and you feel attracted to the opposite sex. You become conscious of your looks and want to look beautiful always. Make up products interest you and you want to try out everything. When your make up is in the minimum your true beauty is exposed. But if you apply heavy makeup, you do not appear natural and the look of artificiality hides your true beauty.

Do not ape the models and film stars as they have to look glamorous to maintain their place in their field. If you dress as the film stars and expose yourself as they do, you might get ogled at, but you will not get respectful admiration from others. People should look at you in admiration and not gaze at you in lust. Simplicity always wins hands down as in your age you have a very natural look which is fresh and new.

This does not mean that you do not have to dress well. Good dressing sense, good care of your body and skin and combined by your bubbly and yet natural behavior can make you the center of attraction anywhere and everywhere.

1. Good complexion

Nothing looks good than a clear complexion. Teenage is a period when you have pimples, acne and other related problems because of the hormonal changes you undergo. You should wash your face immediately after returning home to remove the dirt accumulated by the pollution outside. Use a good cleanser and remove your make up. Do not use any make up when at home. Moisturizer for your face, lip balm for your lips and body lotion for your body is all that you need at home.

2. Shining hair

You should take care of your crowning glory as a shining and healthy hair can add beauty to you. Choose a hairstyle which will enhance your face and do not be carried away by the trendy fashion. If your hairstyle does not suit you, you will not look good however well you dress. Use a mild shampoo and wash your hair. Use conditioners only twice a week and make sure you do not apply it in your scalp as it weakens your hair follicles.

3. Shapely nails

You should maintain your nails well, as your hands are the most exposed area in your body. Shape your nails and make sure you do not cut it too closely as it will give your fingers a stubby look. Take care of your fingers too and apply moisturizer to make them look supple and beautiful.

4. Beautiful eyes

Eyes are the most expressive and thus most important part of the face. Not all are gifted with large eyes, but that should not worry you. When you have a sparkle in your eyes and do not have dark circles, your eyes will reflect your youth and beauty. A good night’s sleep is very important for your eyes, as otherwise it will look puffy and tired. Apply a good moisturizer around your eyes and do not forget to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

5. Toned hands and legs

It is essential that you apply body lotion in your hands and legs to make it look good. Remove hair from hands and legs as it will look hideous if you wear sleeveless or skirts.

6. Eyebrows and lashes

The shape of your eyebrows decides the beauty of your face. If you do not shape your eyebrows you will not have a well defined look. Do not thread your eyebrows in a very thin line as it will not suit most people. If you have thick lashes, it is fine; otherwise you can take care of it by applying castor oil which can make it grow.

7. Slim figure

Slim figure is your dream and you starve yourself to look slim. When you starve yourself, your body loses its essential nutrients. You should maintain a slim figure in a natural way. Avoid sugary items and do not eat too much snacks in between meals. You can have fresh fruits when you feel hungry and it adds glow to your face. Walk whenever you can and avoid lifts. You can walk up the stairs and it is a good form of exercise.

8. Regular exercises

Regular exercises can tone and shape your body. You should concentrate on your midriff region, and do exercises which are apt for it. Skipping is excellent for shaping your legs and generally your whole body.

9. Proper dress

Choose dresses which suit you and the shape of your body. If you are plump and choose a clinging dress, your flesh will bulge and make you look bad. There are lots of dresses available for you like jeans, t-shirts, skirts, frocks and there are so many patterns and varieties. You are young and can dress in a modern way. But you should never wear exposing dresses. When your dress is decent and good you will be looked at in appreciation.

10. Accessories.

Your dressing will never be complete without proper accessories. Apt earrings or drops’, matching bangles or bracelets, matching handbags and slippers finally gives you the well dressed look.

Apply minimum make up and step out with a friendly smile in your face. Your walk should be spritely, you eyes should look straight and you should not talk in a loud voice as it can mar your beauty. You should be conscious of your beauty, but if you make a show of it, it will make you look as a show off. If on the other hand you talk naturally, behave naturally, smile naturally, your whole appearance has a fresh and bubbly look.

© 2012 mathira


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      areeba khatoon 4 years ago

      Really it worked very good. Now iam looking very beautiful.