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Tips for perfect nails

Updated on February 24, 2011

Beautiful nails contribute to a good appearance. Some people always seem to the have perfect nails. The shape and strength of your nails depends on your genetic predisposition. But other factors also have affect, your food, taking care of your nails, and exposure to harmful influences are a few examples. The good news is that these factors can indeed interact and change it. For the perfect nails you have to work equally well. However, note that it is less effort to keep your nails in shape than they are in shape. The following ten tips can you ensure that your nails well groomed. Even if you have naturally weak nails, these tips can help you.

1. Choose the shape. The first step is to choose which shape you like for your nails. You can change your nails oval, square or round files. Take good notice of the natural shape of your nails. Example, do you have square nails? Don't submit an entire round. File your nails in one direction to prevent cracks and brackets. The advantage of (good) files is that small cracks on the edges of your nails which removes your nails less likely to tear and longer stay in top condition.

2. Grease your nails. Grease your hands with a hand cream that also strengthens the nails. So you have lovely soft hands and beautiful strong nails. There are many different hand creams that take care of your nails. These hand creams are easily available at the drugstore.

3. Beware of nail polish. Do you have naturally weak nails? Please be careful with the use of nail polish. Many of these lakes contain acetone, which dries your nails. Preferably use a polish that hardens your nails. Would you use a dark color nail polish? Always place a layer of base coat to make sure that your nails do not discolor.

4. Choose a good nail polish remover. Never use nail polish remover that is based on acetone. Because acetone dries your nails, the use of such an attack speed brake nail polish on your nails. There are plenty of other products on the market at least as good work.

5. White nails. Don't you have naturally beautiful white nails? At the drugstore you can get a pencil to get your nails nice and white. Bring the pencil under your nails. You can also choose to use a nail polish that makes your nails white. A French manicure is also an option but it often takes a little longer and you have to be precise.

6. Protect your hands from harmful influences. Wear rubber gloves if you need cleaning or washing. In winter, dry your hands fast. Especially when you ride can you suffer from it. Wear winter gloves will always for your hands to protect against cold.

7. Eat wisely. Your nails need certain nutrients to grow. If you take these nutrients is not enough, you may experience brittle nails. Calcium, vitamin A and folic acid are important building blocks for example, your nails. You get these nutrients in your diet is not enough? Then swallow vitamin and minerals for the shortfall.

8. Use a nail bath occasionally. This provides your nails and let them look perfect again. Also keep your cuticles as smoothly. Moreover week you little pieces of dirt under your nails so you loose nails back beautifully clean.

9. Take care of your cuticles. With a special tool push the cuticles back and see your nails are groomed. Do this after a bath or showering. Your cuticles are more flexible.
10. Let your nails shine. Many drugstores you can buy a gloss file. This file, use your nails beautiful shine. This can prepare your nail polish but you can also just uncovered so. File not too often. Your nails are thinner and thus faster than can break.


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