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Terressentials Organic Pure Earth Hair Wash and Natural Hair

Updated on July 13, 2012

I have recently been using the terressentials mud wash, which I found out about from Naptural85 on youtube. So far, I love it! After a few times using it, my hair is softer and shinier. The wash also helps with detangling, and I find that I don't need conditioner or any other product besides olive oil to lock in moisture.

Because of my regimen revamp, I am no longer doing wash and go's but when I did a wash and go with the mud wash, it came out beautifully! Shiny, bouncy, soft hair. Pretty much everything good that I have heard about the product has been my experience.

About Terressentials

Terressential Pure Earth Hair is an all organic product that cleanses the hair of all residue. It is suitable for all hair types and it is even safe for children.

Terressentials offers several different scents that are suitable for different hair types:

Lavender Garden, Sultry Spice, Left Coast Lemon, Cool Mint, Fragrance Free: For Normal or Thick or Wavy Hair

Fragrance Free, Sultry Spice, or Cool Mint: For Oily Hair

Sultry Spice, Fragrance Free, Cool Mint, or Lavender Garden: For Fine/Thin Hair or Thin Dry Hair

Lavender Garden, Left Coast Lemon, Sultry Spice: For Dry Hair

Lavender Garden, Left Coast Lemon, Sultry Spice: For Kinky or Frizzy Hair

Lavender Garden, Left Coast Lemon, Sultry Spice: For Chemically Treated Hair

Detox Period

The owners recommend first time users to follow the detox protocol. The purpose of the protocol is to rid the hair of toxins and build up caused by other synthetic, non natural hair products.

The detox is for one week and is as follows:

Day 1: Wash the hair with the mud wash 3 times, leaving the wash on for several minutes before rinsing the last time.

Day 2: Same as day 1.

Day 3: Wash the hair 2 times with the mud wash.

Day 4: Same as day 3.

Day 5,6, and 7: wash the hair once with the mud wash.

I personally did not do the detox because I didn't feel the needs. I feel like over time with using this product, eventually the hair will be completely ridden of the synthetic products. It just wasn't realistic for me to wash my hair everyday for 7 days.

Cautions and tips

During the use of the mud wash it is recommended that you not use any other synthetic styling products. Most of us are used to using gels and conditioners to style our hair but there are other options. Because the use of synthetic, non natural products will ruin the results of the terressentials product, it is best to use all natural styling products.

I like to make my own flax seed gel and I use olive oils and shea butter to lock in moisture.

Click here for naptural85's video about terressentials hair wash.

Also, when I use the wash I like to dilute it with water. It makes the product spread more easily over my hair. I have found that for me, a little goes a long way. **Note: It is not recommended for water to be added to the actually bottle.** I mix it ahead of time in a separate applicator bottle.

Make sure you rinse the product out of your hair very well because it will harden like mud does outside on your hair if not rinsed out properly. I have learned from experience.


The negatives with this product is the price, and that's pretty much it for me lol. I find that it is better to buy in bulk because the shipping does not change. I also dilute the product with water, every time I use it.

I guess you could also say, the messiness is a downside as well but that doesn't bother me as much as the price does. It cost me around $50 for 2 of the 16oz bottles.

Overall, I love terressentials hair wash. My hair has never felt this good. Have you tried terressentials hair wash? If so, how do you like it?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions below. =)


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