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That Kurt Cobain Sweater !

Updated on May 9, 2012
That Kurt Cobain Sweater
That Kurt Cobain Sweater

Yes, I do mean the classic Kurt Cobain sweater, the one that looks similar to the one that Freddy Krueger wore in Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s strange how often  people identify Kurt with that sweater as, as far as I can see, he rarely was photographed in the same clothes. In fact, one thing that Kurt loved to do for photo shoots or on tour was to wear tee shirts with bands on that he liked, perhaps in order to promote them. One band in particular that he often appeared in photos wearing their tee shirts were Seattle grunge band Flipper.

Whilst many Nirvana fans have copied the rockier aspect of Kurt’s (lack of)  fashion sense, Kurt himself wore a wide variety of clothing, sometimes perhaps to be purely contrary. Amongst the more unusual clothing he wore, both in public and on stage including women’s clothing, pyjamas and at the Reading Rock Festival, he wore a surgical gown. Sometimes, as with the surgical gown example, this was to make a point. Rumours had been going round that he was a mess and was far to ill and wouldn’t be performing. Fans held their breath and there must have been some concerned looks on people’s faces as Kurt was wheeled onstage in a wheelchair before launching into the set, obviously in as good health as Kurt ever was.

It really does seem that Kurt lived life as he appeared. He was often awkward and difficult with people and at other times very friendly and polite – it really did seem to depend on when you spoke to him.

Even the house where he finally took his own life was apparently not a great deal different to his early apartments with thrift furniture and sheets for curtains; this despite his wealth.

But above all, he did stay true to the punk rock attitude that he so believed in and didn’t wear that Kurt Cobain sweater because he was a rock star; he wore it because that is who he was and that’s not a bad attitude to have at all.


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