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The 2015 winter sales in France start january 7

Updated on August 31, 2014

French Sales 2015 is just few months away. If you are a smart shopper you will surely find this chance for you to get the items you need in a price that is affordable. As a matter of fact you can have the opportunity to get the item half or more than the regular price. French Sales 2015 is will start on January 7 until February 12. This five-week sale is a great chance for you to buy items in a price that is cheap.

All french winter sales dates and locations

The planned dates will be followed except if there are legislative changes within the range of the sale. There are stores that have set their own sale dates for summer such as

  • Alpes-Maritimes and Pyrénées-Orientales : Sales will start january 2th to end february 4, 2015
  • Meurthe et Moselle : Sales will start january 2th to end february 4, 2015
  • Meuse : Sales will start january 2th to end february 4, 2015
  • Moselle : Sales will start january 2th to end february 4, 2015
  • Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon : Sales will start january 21th to end february 24, 2015
  • La Guadeloupe : Sales will start january 3th to end february 6, 2015
  • Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin : Sales will start may 2th to end june 5, 2015 *
  • La Martinique and French Guiana : Sales will start january 7th to end february 17, 2015
  • La Réunion : Sales will start september 5th to end october 9, 2015 *

* Winter sales in southern Hemisphere

Online winter sales also start January 7

What are the Products Available in French Sales 2015 ?

What are the products available in French Sales 2015? This would be your question if you are wondering on what are the items that are available during this wonderful and exciting event. Read on this article for you to know the products that will be available.


Clothing is considered as a primary need of every individual. French Sales 2015 is definitely the best option to get clothes in a bargain price. The best thing about this sale is you can find high-end and designers clothes and accessories. This is your excellent chance to own the high-end and fashionable clothes that is a price available in a best price.


Shoes are also some of the common products offered during this event. The shoes offered during this five week sale are applicable for men, women and children. They are also available in several colors, design and sizes. Again, it would be best choice for you to own high quality and branded footwear in a price that is definitely affordable.


Ladies will surely love the French Sales 2015 for the reason that you can definitely find several cosmetic products like Max Factor, Maybelline, Ole and a lot more. Women can surely pamper themselves with these cosmetics.


If you are looking for the best and affordable gadgets such as laptops, cellphones, computers, tablets and other great devices, then French Sale 2015 is definitely the best option. This five week sale offers various brands and models of products. This is the best start for you to own gadget in the start of the year.


French Sales 2015 also offers various appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners and other home appliances. This is the best choice in order to find the right appliances for home. You can find various models and brands of appliances that can truly act your best options.

Home Improvement Products

Home improvement products and furniture are also offered in French Sales 2015. You can find chairs, tables, office furniture, cabinets and others in several colors, designs and style. This is magnificent opportunity to be able to enjoy the benefits of this chance.

Sales Is the Good Moment to Buy Luxe Products

Sales, the events of the year

This five week sale is definitely a great help for smart buyers because you can get the items or products you are longing for without breaking the bank. This is truly a one of the most anticipated events of the year. Expect that French Sale 2015 will be again another milestone for most shopping enthusiast.

The first day of the winter sales (2013 Virgin Megastore, Paris, France). Incredible no ???

Find the Best Product

One of the best and effective ways to find the right product is by researching them over the internet. This is very essential for the reason that it can certainly find the products. To make this possible, you also need to find the right website that offer great tips on how you can able to find the proper sale that you need.

You have to take your time when preparing your winter as you have to take the breeze to find the product you need. If you can’t make it to the sale day, don’t worry because there are online stores in France that offers their product online.

If you are shopping online for Sales, keep in mind that you need to take your time when selecting the right website, be sure that it is reliable site. This gives you the chance to get the product you need to purchase without worrying that you might not get the item because you don’t have the budget.

In conclusion, winter sales 2015 is expected to become as one of the most awaited events in the industry. If you are lucky, you can even have the best chance to get the item as low as 80 percent.


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    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      4 years ago from France

      My favorite time of the year ;-)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very useful. Thanks.


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