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The 3 Wolf Moon Tshirt. It's that good.

Updated on August 25, 2011
Darth Vader wears the 3 wolf moon t shirt.
Darth Vader wears the 3 wolf moon t shirt.

The Three Wolf Moon T Shirt

The 3 Wolf Moon shirt has been an internet phenomena for the past year or so. It features 3 wolves howling at the moon. The internet reviews at amazon have done all the advertising the shirt has needed and more. I bought one...

Does the Shirt Live up to the Hype?

Well to sum it up- yes. I've noticed a lot more women coming up to me after donning this sweet, sweet shirt. Criminals cower in fear of me. The only flaw? There are no wolves on the back of the shirt, so my flank is exposed.

This became an issue when someone decided to mug me. They crept up behind me and held a knife to my back. Luckily, I was wearing my shirt, which gave me mystical kung fu ability. I, a 400 big boned man, was able to swiftly disarm my opponent. As I turned, he noticed the shirt. Have you ever smelled fear? I have. And it smells like doody.


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