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The 3 best secrets of how to remove gray hair successfully

Updated on November 15, 2010

The 3 best secrets of how to remove gray hair successfully

The 3 best secrets of how to remove gray hair successfully.

In the mirror you start to examining your face; your eyes are in the right spot, your teeth are not that yellow and the mole you wish did not exist looks like it is getting smaller. Wait a minute. Upon looking up a few inches from where your eyes played the world's biggest critique of your face, you saw a single hair glimmering in the light. What is it? Is that what I think it is? No! It is the ever so dreadful gray hair. Right now, I will teach you the 2 best secrets of how to remove gray hair.

How to remove gray hair successfully:

  1. You can pull that sucker out. Look in the mirror and locate the little bugger. Find your tweezers and pinch that gray bastard. If can't afford tweezers or are just to lazy to go to the washroom and get them, you can use your hand. Make sure you are prepared to experience some minor pain. It's okay, let it out. Say, "Ouch!"

  2. Dye your hair. This is the easy way out. Well, maybe not. You do have to go to the store and match what is left of your colored hair, which you are quickly running out of, up to that of the dyed horse hair they have as samples. Once you have found your match, go home and start your age transformation. Next, when you are at home, you have to really prepare the house so you don't change the color of your beautiful floors. This means, start laying down that old newspaper everywhere. Last... Well... Start dying your hair. Follow the instructions. That's it!

  3. Shave your head. This is just for emergencies. If you can't stand pain or having to dye your hair, get a razor and shave your head. Simple.

Let's face it: Getting older is a crappy part of life. With aging, a few gray hairs are going to make life a pinch more unpleasant for some. I guess it's how you look at it really. On the one hand, you can cry about it and on the other you can happily accept/deal with it. Well, I guess you haven't really committed to the former of the previous thought since you have been searching for the amazing cure for gray hair. In closing, these were 3 of the best secrets of how to remove gray hair successfully. Good luck with life if you can't handle this nothingness problem.


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