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The 411 of MakeUp

Updated on May 27, 2015
Akoria Ofega profile image

Akoria Ofega is a Computer Science student who loves reading as well as writing. She writes about what she sees or felt.

A lipstick wheel
A lipstick wheel

The basic fashion rule is...

never use loud lipstick with loud eye make up. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. In my own words "choose a struggle". In make up, you have to choose one feature you want people to notice or appreciate. You can not therefore make both your eyes are lips bright/shouty, it will confuse people. Before you make up, you have to sit back and think to yourself, "what do I want people to focus on today?". It is after this thought that you choose the colours that will go for that day.

Also, never use colours that don't compliment your skin colour. A light-skinned individual has luxury of choosing any of the many colours existing in this world. On the other hand, a dark-skinned individual can not just jump on just any colour. Therefore, in your colour matching, consider your skin-tone.

When using colours, remember to blend them in properly. Make them as flawless as possible, especially the region you are making prominent. To do this, get good brushes. To pull off the perfect make up, you need make up brushes. And make sure that you use the appropriate brushes. Don't use an eye shadow application brush for application of lip colour.

Concentrate on enhancing one feature.
Concentrate on enhancing one feature.
Use the appropriate brush for its precise duty.
Use the appropriate brush for its precise duty.

What colour for what occasion?

You cannot wear just any colour anywhere. Everywhere you go has a precise dress code, stated or not. It is required that you know where you are going and choose how to make up for the occasion.

For example, when you are going to a school, work or an official meeting, your make up should be minimal. Pale/nude colours are ideal for occasions like that. Although people put on loud make up to these places, it is a fashion DON'T.

On the other hand, when going for weddings, or an outdoor event, you can chose to be adventurous and go on a bright colour. It still won't be wrong to go on pale/nude colours. It is a matter of choice, the individual or the dress code given.

You do not necessarily have to match your make up with the attire you put on( e.g you don't have to put on yellow eye shadow), but your make up shouldn't crash with what you are putting on(don't go on yellow eye shadow, pink lips and an orange dress). Contrasting colours and make up is WRONG and should never be done. It hurts the eyes and souls that behold it, mentally and otherwise.

This  eye make up is allowed for an outdoor event
This eye make up is allowed for an outdoor event
You can pull this lipstick off for school or official outings or when a bright coloured eye make up has been done
You can pull this lipstick off for school or official outings or when a bright coloured eye make up has been done

Some basic tips: Drawing your brows perfectly

Your brows don't necessarily have to look like that of some Victoria Secret model(no like that will be a bad idea either), but they have to look good and and presentable.

The first step is to know the eyebrow shape that fits your face. After that, know the brow colour that fits your face and skin tone as well. That is half of the work done.

The major things you need for drawing your brows are:

  • A brow pencil
  • Blooming brush
  • A concealer
  • Brow brush
  • Smudger

Below is a guide to drawing the perfect brow.

Eyebrow tutorial
Eyebrow tutorial
Step by step tutorial for drawing brows
Step by step tutorial for drawing brows

Simple steps to applying the perfect eyebrow

Some basic tips: Applying your eye shadow

In application of eye shadow, you really have to be careful. You have to know where to apply and where not to apply. For application of eye shadow, the following things are required:

  • A shadow brush
  • A smaller brush for the crease
  • An eye shadow palette
  • A blending brush

Basically, you have to choose what colour(s) you want to apply and how you want to apply it. It is easy but technical.

Below is a little tutorial to give you a heads up

Step by step description of the application of eye shadow
Step by step description of the application of eye shadow

Step by step application of eye shadow

Some basic tips: Applying lipstick

In the application of lipstick, you can be as adventurous as you want to be. You could manoeuvre you way into having full lips, smaller lips or even the trending ombré lips.

Talking about ombré lips, you could go dark or light. Ombré lips are just a combination of two or more colours(preferably more) to make a blend between each individual colour.

Basically, to get an ombré lip, you put out the darkest colour on the outer layer of your lip, followed by the lighter one just after it and then, the lightest in the middle.

Things required for an ombré lip:

  • 2 or more lipsticks(dark coloured, less dark and light)
  • A concealer
  • A lip brush

Below are a few steps on how to get an ombré lip in different colours. I will provide a more detailed review in a later topic

Blue and pink ombré
Blue and pink ombré
Nude colour ombré
Nude colour ombré
Bright ombré lips
Bright ombré lips
Pinkish ombré lip
Pinkish ombré lip

Ombre lip tutorial

What do you think?

Which fashion rule do you break more?

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    • Akoria Ofega profile imageAUTHOR

      Akoria Ofega 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you Jasmeetk

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      3 years ago from India



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