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The Pros and Cons of Permanent Make Up

Updated on August 14, 2013
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Permanent Make Up

When it comes to doing your make up, many women are lazy and don't want to do it every morning; a simple solution to this dilemma is permanent make up. Although it is a simple procedure to have the make up applied; using tattoo techniques, you have to go to the right studio and professional, and you have to consider both the good and the bad when it comes to choosing permanent make up.

Cons of Permanent Make Up

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to the application of permanent make up:

1. It is not a cheap procedure by any means (but it does obviously last longer).

2. Infection, scarring and allergic reactions are an issue (but generally only when you go to a place that is not well qualified to apply the make up).

3. Removal is all but impossible, especially round the eyes.

Aside from these possible complications, there are not many other drawbacks of having permanent make up applied, as long as you go to a reputable artist for the procedure.

The Pros of Permanent Make-up

Although there are a few drawbacks, there are many benefits of having permanent make up applied, which include:

1. It is pricey, but the longevity makes up for the cost, as you do not have to apply make up everyday, so you won't have to buy new make up as often.

2. You choose the design, texture, and colours that will be applied.

3. It is permanent, meaning you don't have to apply make up everyday or on days when you are a little lazy to do it yourself.

4. It is not time consuming, and you do not have to do the work yourself, you can allow the professionals to do it for you instead.

If you do not like doing your make up on a daily basis, or if you simply want it to look perfect, you can allow the professionals to do it for you with permanent make up applications. It is not cheap, but if you want the make up to look great, and if you want the fine lines and application to last, then this is a great option for you to choose.

A Delicate Art

Permanent make up; like any tattoo procedure, is a very delicate art and of course the sensitive areas of the face need especially careful attention. For this reason it is absolutely vital that ladies choose a reputable artist with the necessary skills and qualifications. As we know, tattoos are permanent and the only way to remove them is with the use of lasers, which of course is not recommended on the delicate skin of the face and peculiarly the eyes. Therefore one should be absolutely certain that this is the procedure required, as there is no turning back. Inks will fade over time naturally; especially with exposure to the sun and the elements, so lines can be kept more crisp and defined by protecting areas with permanent make up as much as possible, with creams and sunglasses, hats or visors.


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