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The Art of Getting Dressed : 10 Tips for a Clothing Masterpiece Everyday

Updated on November 18, 2013

What girl never wanted to look like a supermodel and be complimented each day on her "awesome" outfit ? What girl never wanted to feel feminine and sexy in new clothes and have all eyes on her? And what girl never struggled to find something to wear every morning or felt like they didn't have a good eye for clothes? Here are 10 tips to fake a great fashion sense and create a clothing masterpiece everyday.


N°1 : Dressing for your body type

The first thing to know is how to dress your body. You need to enhance your assets and make people forget your flaws. For example, don't wear tight clothes where your body is bigger or if you're not very curvy, it will only make what's bothering you pop. Keep in mind your complexion when choosing colors, your height when picking the length of a coat, or your body shape when selecting jeans or basic T-shirts.

N°2 : Pick some magical pieces

To create your wardrobe, there's no need to buy 50 skirts and pants you'll never wear. Invest in basics such as classic jeans, a black blazer, a little black dress, a trench and a solid coat. Such modest pieces can make your curves look great, but they also make your life a lot easier! Think about the time you'll save if you have only simple fitted clothes that will go with anything.


N°3 : The power of accessories

Add some originality to your basic wardrobe. Invest in colorful scarves, big bracelets, funny necklaces, shoes and purses, and have fun mixing it all! Loud accessories are always better than many little ones. You don't want to look like a christmas tree, so don't wear long or big earings with strong necklaces, and never wear earings, bracelet, rings and necklace at the same time. Don't hesitate to combine jewelry that don't match perfectly, it will appear more casual.

N°4 : Black is out?

Not really, black still a guarantee of an elegant look, and a black dress will always be the symbol of elegance. But some bigger women will only wear black because it makes them look a bit skinnier. It does work but it doesn't mean plus-size women shouldn't be allowed to wear colors. The secret is color blocking : wearing an all-red dress will make you look great!

An example of color blocking


N°5 : Never hide

Be proud of your body, and do not hide it behind shapeless black clothes, or really extravagant ones. Be yourself, even if it means you'll only wear simple elegant outfits. It's fashionable too! Just make sure you look like a confident woman who is proud of her body and you'll start feeling like one.

N°6 : Invest thoughtfully

There's no need to pay $50 for a simple shirt, or to buy brands to be well-dressed. Invest in pieces you'll wear often and that never get old. You also ought to get clothes for any occasion : casual wear, of course, sportswear (a good pair of shoes adapted to the sport you practise and comfortable fitness clothes) and evening wear (own at least a dress you can wear on a date or to a fancy place. Make sure you feel gorgeous in it).

N°7 : Don't get too carried away

Less is more! Too sexy, too discreet, with too many colors : the more you do, the more elegance you lose. Try to find a balance, both between the different parts of your body with the shapes and textiles of your clothes, and the colors and prints you pick. If you're not sure you can mix prints or colors, don't do it! Stick with more basic clothes and have un with accessories, it's less difficult

Audrey Hepburn, a symbol of elegance


N°8 : Have fun!

Have fun with innovative shapes of collars, or sleeves, flowing or unusual fabrics, funny accessories and loud colors. Don't hesitate to personnalize clothes you own, you'll feel better wearing them, especially if you "never find anything" when you go shopping, or if you don't enjoy it. Repurpose your old outfits, and find DIY projects to create your unique style and develop your creativity.

Your first DIY

N°9 : Everything matters

The clothes and accessories don't make a complete look. Your haircut, make-up and nail polish also matter. A polished look is a look that makes you feel comortable and gorgeous rom head to toes. Although you should stay as natural as possible on regular days, don't hesitate to experiment new makeup or hairdos on special occasions.

N°10 : Finding your style

Like a lot of girls looking for inspiration, you can read magazines, shop more (even if you don't buy anything, try things on and find some things you like on you), try new styles, and find yours! Do not let the latest trends guide you in your choices. Keep your body type in mind, and don't let other people tell you what color or what style you should or should not choose. Just be yourself!


Follow those 10 tips for a perfect style for any occasion, and you'll be able to choose your outfits without worries every morning. Be proud of what you have and don't focus too much on your looks, they're not what matters the most in a woman.


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