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The Basics for Men

Updated on March 30, 2013

The Basics for Men

A pair of comfortable socks
A pair of comfortable socks | Source
Business professional basics
Business professional basics | Source

The Basics for Men

Finding the perfect underwear and socks can be difficult as every man has the basics that are just right for them. While some may want a pair of tight brief style underwear others prefer softer boxer shorts. Socks range in all kinds of styles and materials and so depending on if a guy is going to be just hanging out with family or friends or working a hard labor filled job, most guys have a pair of socks that are perfect for each situation that they are going to be in.

The basics is often simply referring just socks and underwear because they are essentials everyone should be putting on in the morning, however depending on your routine you may have many more items that are critical to wear each day. Just because an item would be considered a basic in your wardrobe does not mean it cant also represent quality and style at the same time. The basics should be comfortable and also provide you the look and feel that you aim to achieve everyday. Companies like Polo Ralph Lauren cater to men that enjoy wearing quality basics from undershirts to boxer briefs and socks for any occasion, many companies are focused on style and extra comfort even for the basics.

The Everyday Outfit

The Basic Essentials for Men
Shoes / Footwear
Jean Pants
T Shirt
A man can go just about anywhere with this outfit.

Is this your kind of basics?

Just chilling in the basics
Just chilling in the basics

The Basic Clothes for Men

The basics do not have to be unfashionable, women are not the only ones that can wear quality underwear, undershirts, and socks, men can do the same.

Men have flooded the fashion scene and their is high end essentials for guys that can be purchased in most decent apparel retail stores. They equally have the sense of style and can don great outfits just as women do. In these present times fashion and style is very essential, of course comfort is always the key to every fashionable get up, and by this, men should own basic essential that can get them through all the ever changing trends without sacrificing great style. So what would be a better way to stay classy and stylish would be to own staple garments such as pair of jeans, sporting coat, shoes and swimming essentials.

As you flip pages of magazine, it can be observed that women’s magazines also have this portion for men or much better there is a magazine specifically made to cater men, advising what are the in styles and those that are not. Men who know how to style themselves sure know how to carry themselves with confidence which affects his outlook in life and the way people see him.

A man should own staple pieces of clothing all different types of situations while still being able to maintain the image and representation of them self , say for an instance a pair of jeans that are tested to survive through time. Jeans are one of the greatest inventions ever created. It is versatile, multi functional; it can be paired with almost everything in one’s closet. It can be matched with a statement t-shirt, or a polo, the possibilities are endless. Also, a sporting coat should be one of the pieces that should be ever present in any man's closet, not only because it can instantly rock a simple look but also it is a very essential that can add a little formality to any look even jeans with a nice colored shirt and a sport coat added can quickly make you prepared for a business meeting. It always has to go with the perfect jeans and of course the perfect shoes though if you really want to do it right. Having mentioned shoes, women are not the only one that should own a reasonable number of pairs of shoes. Shoes are another basic element to any persons wardrobe. Shoes that can be paired to a lot of looks, but of course quality should not be compromised. And also to complete the list of staple pieces, a man should own swim suits or swimming essentials, for those impromptu getaway to the beach or a pool party at friend’s house.

A guy should always be prepared for ever occasion and for every activity. The best way to be prepared is to stock up the above mentioned basic essentials when the need for it arises. It is believed that men should have the proper resources that compliment his varied activities and that would also bring out the stylish self in him. Be stylish, be a better man.

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    • profile image

      diogenese 7 years ago

      That bloke in the black unies, sandals and socks should have been shot rather than snapped! However, a hub in the right direction for blokes. I haven't worn socks or underwear for years, though; but jeans and the rest: all the time...Bob


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