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The Basics of Suit-And-Sneaker Fashion

Updated on June 20, 2013

There was a time when sneakers were just for the gym, basketball players, and young boys under the age of 12. These past few months, however, we’ve been witnessing a growing trend among men to rock bold sneakers wherever they go. Pairs and pairs of them get paired up with shorts or denim, but never with suits.

Sure, men have been taught to wear proper leather shoes with formal clothing, but this is starting to change. Massively popular fashion designers themselves have been shaking up the suit and creatively pairing them off with interesting pairs of sneakers. It may not look fancy on print, but in reality, it works – especially if you know how to pull it off properly.

When you give any suit-and-sneaker combo a good look, you’ll find that there are plenty of underlying factors that make it work. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but for this specific style’s basics, read below:

Wear your sneaker as if it’s an extension of your suit. When going for this look, keep in mind that the spotlight must be on your suit. Therefore, it is imperative that you wear your sneakers to complement your get-up, not the other way around. No one chooses a suit based on a pair of leather shoes, and sneakers will never be an exception.

Master the art of color matching. If this style is new to you, your best bet is to look for a mutual color between your suit and your sneakers. For example, if you’re sporting a classy grey suit, don’t match it up with a red pair of sneakers – unless, of course, you know for sure you can pull it off. Instead, go for the basics: black, brown, navy, and grey.

When in doubt, “white” it out. You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers – neat, white sneakers, that is. Even if you wear something formal, they can impeccably give your entire outfit that sharp and clean-cut look. For a more cohesive look, make sure to have the laces in white, as well.

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Consider the cut of your suit. It is unacceptable to pick a suit in random and decide to throw in a pair of sneakers. The cut of your suit is critical to pulling of the overall look. Most of the time, men go for cuts that show off the footwear. Why? Because there is no point in wearing sneakers if the pants simply roll over them. Want to look mighty fine? Then go sans-sock.

Sneakers are finally getting their fame off the court. Though there have been strict rules for formal wear, even the most traditional amongst us have been seeing the cool points in bending or breaking some of them. Be it for afternoon drinks on a rooftop or late night adventures with your friends, the suit-and-sneaker fashion is meant to be oodles of fun.

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    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 4 years ago

      Interesting and thumbs up. I need to get out more so I can see these trends emerging!

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Great hub I always been a fan of this look