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Celebrity Eyes, Makeup, Colors and Styles!

Updated on July 7, 2014

Picture the most beautiful eyes to ever enter your mind.
Picture the eyes of happiness, bliss and desire.
Picture the bluest of blues, the greenest of greens.
Picture the eyes that speak louder than words.

They say the eye is the window to the soul! Could this be because you can see a persons true self if you look deep enough into their eyes? Much like snowflakes, no pair of eyes is exactly like any other. While some might appear to be the same if the makeup is done the same or maybe if contacts are used to change the color, one pair of eyes may seem to look like another. But upon closer inspection, there are uncounted differences. And, of course, there is that oh so unique soul behind each pair of eyes.

Picture the emotions that show through eyes of sorrow.
Picture the eyes of irrevocable, unconditional love.
Picture the eyes that hold questions.
Picture the eyes that hold all the answers.

Our eyes may try to hide our emotions, but rarely do they succeed. A person can smile with their mouth with relative ease, but the eyes will only show joy when that joy is felt inside. When sadness darkens the soul, that sadness is there -- clouding the brightness the eyes can no longer muster. If you want to know how that loved one really feels, then look deeply in his or her eyes and their world will be revealed.

Picture the eyes of jealousy.
Picture the eyes of envy.
Picture the eyes of contentment.
Picture the eyes of consent.

It is not just the simple emotions that the eyes reveal. Anything a person can feel will find its way into their eyes. We all wear our masks to hide ourselves from the world, but do not masks have holes from which the eyes can see the world? And cannot the world look back into the holes, deep into our eyes, where our deepest secrets hopelessly hide? Indeed, the eyes are the windows to our souls.

Picture the eyes of your best friend.
Picture the eyes of your worst enemy.
Picture the eyes of your sister.
Picture the eyes of your brother.

You may think you know your family and friends very well, but have you ever taken a moment to to look deeply in their souls? Have you ever stared into their eyes as they told you about their day or listened to their words with your ears while hearing their heart with your eyes? It is easier than you might believe to learn the true nature of those you hold dear and cast aside the little things that use to hide the big things in their lives.

Picture the eye that loves everything.
Picture the eye that hates everything.
Picture the eye in fear of everything.
Picture the eye of pride in everything.

We all have those things we cherish and those things we despise. Those things we hide away from and those things we put on display. You may know your best friend's greatest accomplishment, but do you know their greatest fear? You may know your family members greatest love, but have you ever explored the thing they find most vile? Perhaps you might say we should only know what a person wants to show us, but how can we know what they wish to show if we do not look?

Picture the eyes of your new puppy.
Picture the eyes of your new kitten.
Picture the smile in the eyes of your child.
Picture the happiness in the heart of your child.

When even our pets cannot hide their wants and desires from us, how can our children, siblings, parents or other family members? You need only look in a puppy's eyes to know he wants that scratch behind the ears. And the kittens eyes reveal when that food dish is empty. Do you children really need to ask for it when they want a cuddle? The answers are often there if only we are willing to look!

Picture your eyes in the morning sun.
Picture your eyes in the moonlight's glow.
Picture your eyes as you sleep undisturbed.
Picture your eyes as you dream in midnight slumber.

Of course, while we can use the eyes to learn so much about others, we must keep in mind that our secrets may be equally revealed. Does your sadness not fill your eyes as easily as your joy? Does your deepest wishes not betray themselves when you look in the eyes of your beloved? Do you think for one moment that your soul is the only windowless soul in the world? Of course not! We all betray our own truths!

Picture the eyes of your internet friend in another land.
Picture the eyes of your next door neighbor.
Picture the eyes of your local newscaster.
Picture these eyes looking back at you.

Whether we are talking about your neighbor next door or that Facebook gamer in a far off foreign land, there are few secrets that can be kept from those with prying eyes and a desire to find the truth. It is only human nature that causes us to give so much away. From the earliest days of civilization we have been a social creature with a desire to understand as fully as possible all those around us.

Picture This! A breeze in the air.
Picture This! A warm day to share.
Picture This! The wind in her hair.
Picture This! Eyes of love and care.

Picture lashes with perfection of a fan.
Picture a smile drawn in the sand.
Picture those eyes smiling at you.
Picture the colors: green, brown and blue.

Picture the time you spent looking into these eyes.
Picture the time spent making them sparkle.
Picture the time you knew who they were.
Picture the ones that stood out to you.

The photos included here are all celebrities. Do you recognize a few of your favorites? These ladies all have makeup artists who often help them dazzle us. But surely sometimes they sit down and add those perfect flourishes themselves. But whether professionally embellished or done sitting at the bedroom mirror, these ladies' beautiful eyes will surely mesmerize their many fans.

Picture This! From top to bottom.
Picture This! Each lovely set of eyes.
Picture This! A celebrity spending her time.
Picture This! While spending time picking her out.

So remember this next time you are preparing for a night on the town -- no matter who you are or how much money you can spend, no matter whether you have a professional makeup artist or are strictly do-it-yourself, no matter how hard you try to hide the truth behind your eyes -- when all is said and done... the eyes definitely have it!

These Eyes...

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