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The Beauty of Baby-Making Vitamins: Prenatal vitamins for hair, skin and nails

Updated on February 5, 2011

Hair, Nails and Skin: Baby, you look great!

No baby necessary.

What they are: Prenatal Vitamins

What they do: Give you shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy skin

..well, at least for me!

I'm no doctor or nutritionist, but I have been plagued with super thin hair and a gross nail chewing habit. A few years ago I was discussing how slowly my hair grows with my hairdresser. "Prenatal vitamins!" she proclaims. She's my age (late twenties) and was trying to get pregnant at the time. Her doctor had suggested taking prenatal vitamins before she actually got pregnant, so she had been taking them for a few months. She swore in those few months that her hair and nails had been growing noticeably faster.

It's worth a try.

So I went to Target and picked up a quite large (seems they all are) generic bottle of purple babymaking vitamins that read "Prenatal Vitamins" across the front. I decided to set them on the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator, and see how long it would take for my (male) roommate to question the pills. I didn't know what I what I was getting out of the mega-dose of vitamins yet, so might as well get some entertainment value out of my purchase at least.

After a week or so, I did notice my nails growing faster. Not only were they growing faster, they were whiter and stronger. In a few weeks I noticed my hair had grown faster than usual (with dyed hair, it's easy to tell!) and another thing I noticed was my skin looking brighter. Maybe I was getting a "pregnancy glow" without the pregnancy! And although my roommate had joined me on quite a few trips to the bar in this time, he was too nervous to question my new vitamin regiment.

I've been taking the vitamins ever since, and when ever I go a few weeks without, due to vacations or pure laziness, I definitely notice a difference. I've suggested taking the vitamins to quite a few friends and family members, who all seem to have had the same result. My mother began taking them and a few weeks later, her hairdresser told her that her hair had looked and felt better than it ever had before, and asked what she was doing differently.

About a month after the beginning of my experiment, I did notice better hair, nails, and skin, as well as a confused roommate.

And, although initial changes I noticed within weeks, a longterm habit of taking the vitamins daily has increased the overall strength and health of my hair in general. In the past, I have tried special vitamins for hair, nails and skin, but never have I received the results that I did from the prenatal vitamins.

Disclaimer: If you try this at home, beware of a more tenacious roommate who may steal your blatantly displayed/ignored conversation piece and force you to ask for them back.

Again, this is just information from my own experiences, I have no medical or nutritional expertise, nor dose the hairdresser suggesting the regiment. Before sharing my own experience on this hub, I decided to Google and see what was written about prenatal vitamins for beauty reasons and found this article. Apparently a famous actress spilled the pills about these vitamins in a Harper's Bazaar interview.

Do you guys have any unconventional beauty tricks of your own?


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