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White and Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Updated on October 15, 2010

Her perfect prince charming, wedding dress, future children, and her career. Long before she is even ready to be engaged or hold a job, A women has in her mind how she see's her future. She also has an idea of what her perfect engagement ring setting will be. For many, the princess cut diamond engagement ring either as a solitaire setting, or as a center stone is front runner, first choice for the most important piece of jewerly she will ever own.

Granted, from the right man, she will take one look at any diamond engagement ring presented to her and it will be the most perfect expression of their love. But a smart man, will already know what style of ring his future bride wants. If it's not the wedding jewelry sale booklet left on the table, or the subtle hints she's enlisted her best friend to share with her future husband, then the straightforward "this is the ring I want" usually should tip him off in the right direction.

The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond was created in the 1960s, as far as diamond cuts go it's actually a fairly recent addition to the many options available. Next to the round brilliant diamond cut, the princess is the second most popular. It is also a bit more affordable then the round brilliant due in part to the fact that the Princess cut uses the most of the original crystal retaining 80% of its original diamond, aka rough diamond. The brilliant retaining only 50% after cut.

This beautiful diamond is cut in the shape of a perfect square on top, closing in like a cone or pyramid towards the bottom of the setting. In most ring settings, the diamond is held in with prongs at each of the 4 cornes because these are the areas most prone to damage.

The original princess cut diamond has 49 facets, while the Quadrillion showed up a few years later with 58 facets. Which is preffered is up to the eye of the beholder, as well as the wallet in his backpocket.

Princess Cut Diamond In White Gold Solitare Setting
Princess Cut Diamond In White Gold Solitare Setting

Princess Cut Engagment Ring Settings

Two very popular Princess cut Engagement ring settings are the solitaire and the 3 stone, with a larger princess cut sandwiched in between two smaller princess cut diamonds. The 3 stone may also have a sprinkling of smaller diamonds along the top of the band.

Choosing a yellow gold or white gold band is best decided by the future groom by looking at the jewelry the future bride already owns. Some women prefer the traditional yellow gold, but many are opting for the silver look of the white gold. Both are exquisite and beautiful with any setting.

3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring
3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Leading Questions To Help Choose A Future Brides Ring

Not sure what ring she wants, but know your ready to pop the question? Here are some leading questions you can ask to help you choose the ring she will fall for.

  • White Gold or Yellow Gold?
  • Solitaire, Three Stone, or a Setting With Multiple Stones?
  • Diamonds in the Wedding Band?
  • Is There A Precious Stone(s) That She Would Like To Accompany Her Diamond Such as Her Birth Stone, or Both of Your Birthstone, or The Stone Associated With The Month You Will Be Married In?

If you don't want to ask her outright and are planning for more of a surprise when popping the question, start calling her friends, sisters, coworkers. If you guys are getting close to being engaged, chances are she's already had the conversation with her friends of what her perfect ring will be. If they don't know, ask the women closest to her to pry and try to find out what kind of ring she is looking for.


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    • profile image

      Sahar-Atid 6 years ago

      One of the nice things about the Princess Cut is that you generally pay less per carat as less diamond is wasted during the cutting process due to the fact that the 4 corners are not removed.