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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using White Ink Tattoos

Updated on March 4, 2017
White Ink - Amazing :)
White Ink - Amazing :)

So, What Are The White Tattoos Exactly?

The trendy style of white ink tattoo is steadily catching on but it has its advantages and disadvantages. There is the one that uses white UV ink that is hardly visible when it has healed and it is not a permanent mark.

Those who are aware of this form of tattoo know that it is made using a white coloring that is for the white skinned or Caucasian people. The trend setters have made this style popular for the fair skinned even though the people with tanned skin also want a piece of the cake. This is because they only look like any pale scars and only the discerning can tell from far that there is a tattoo when exposed to natural light.

Those white tattoos represent unique branding that the stylish men and women alike; use as special marks on their bodies.

Beautiful White Tattoo On A Shoulder

White Tattoo Advantages

The obvious advantages of these modern trends are that most of those who do white ink tattoo do so in order to look or appear different, and unique. They want to make a fashion statement to the world to show that they are confident and liberal. That is why it might come to them as a shock to learn that there are some ugly sides or factors associated with the poor application or improper handling of white ink tattoo, and which may disappoint the user.

For example, once they fail to identify the best artist who is an expert at doing drawings and using the ink with exact precision, they risk getting unsightly marks that may remain with them for life. Moreover, while in the process of making such a design on the body using this method of tattooing, there is no room for errors as the pigments are not supposed to mix with the blood of the client when it is passed under the skin, because there is the risk of it traveling to other parts of the skin which was not to get the ink.

Also, all the designs you know are possible to do with white ink as well. For example small sister tattoos, different zodiac signs, quotes and abstract designs.

White ink freehand mandala design
White ink freehand mandala design

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Example For White Tattoo
Example For White Tattoo

Great Tattoos Designs Books

How To Pick Your White Ink Tattoo Design?

The not so qualified white ink tattoos artists do not have the expertise and the confidence to advise their clients on the most suitable coloring that suits them. It is important to note that there are varieties of color pigments that may be added to the white tattoo ink to make the color last longer and be noticeable such as the pale yellow, slightly purple or pale blue.

Without this, the tattoo may look like a red scarring of the skin, and nothing more than that which can draw or capture the desired attention or admiration. This is why, in most cases, the knowledgeable people who work in first class tattoo parlors have the knack of using a variety of grayish shades first to draw the design before highlighting the entire outline with white.

Even though the white ink tattoos has benefited from the industry regulators to ascertain that those who purport to have the experience of performing this art are properly trained; some quacks get in because of greed. It is best to get reputable salons that have employed the top professionals in the market, even if it costs a tidy sum to get a perfectly done tattoo. Do this by reading the various reviews online, or go to the ones with the latest gadgets and tools for the job. It is also possible to get references from friends and colleagues whose tattoos look outstanding.

For inspiration, there are a lot of possible designs you could use. For example tattoos Veni Vidi Vici designs, different tattoos for sisters and much more.

How White Tattoo Getting Made?

Glowing In The Dark Tattoos - Glorious George

White Ink Tattoos Ideas

Feather tattoo
Feather tattoo

Tattoo Designs Books - Draw Some Inspiration!

White tattoo ink on arm
White tattoo ink on arm

What Do You Think About White Tattoos?

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      Birudu 3 years ago

      Jackie, I am a watercolor paitner and occasional teacher who lives in a cottage in the woods, on a tiny peninsula poking out into the Pacific on the west coast of the US Washington state. I have followed your blog for several years and love your work as well as the way you share your life with those of us who lurk here. My morning visits to your studio brighten my predominately gray days we get over two and half meters of rain here every year. I love your reports on all the new techniques you try and find them inspiring. I tried the gold leaf on a painting of young cowboys and ponies and sold it for a tidy sum. I was wondering if you get bothered by the solitude of your studio at times? Pat