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The Benefits of Picking Seasonal Handbags

Updated on September 30, 2013
Shopping for seasonal bags can keep us from impulse buying when we have become sick of our every day hand bag.
Shopping for seasonal bags can keep us from impulse buying when we have become sick of our every day hand bag. | Source

Do You Have Boxes of Bags?

Most of us have that box, bag, or spot in the closet where we have are past hand bag collection. It is full of bags that we may have only brought to match a purse we were wearing to a wedding or a dance. It may have bags with poodles or other cutesy images attached that we find ourselves now too series to wear out in public. Some of the bags we can not bear to part with because they were designer bags that we paid lots of money for but for some reason found impractical to carry.

Seasonal Handbag Shopping 101

One of the first rules for hang bag shopping is to know the purpose of the bag. If the bag is going to be seasonal then choose colors that make sense. Winter is a time for darker colors deep reds and black. . Fall offers an opportunity for natural tones in red, yellows, and browns. Traditional leather bags are the best to endure the rigors of colder weather and to match most of the colors women wear during that time of the year. Spring and summer color can be bold neon’s or pastels. We may change purse more in these months because the color of our wardrobe is expanded. You can also experiment with cloth and woven bags. You can also utilize a smaller bag inside a bold beach bag if you are at the pool or beach a great deal during the summer months.

Changing hand bags by the season is the best way I know of avoiding that handbag rut, that leaves you to be impulsive and by the first designer bag that catches your eye. You will still need those special bags for holidays and special dates. Small metallic and black patent clutches can serve booth these needs. It is easier to match the outing bags to the kind of shoes that are appropriate for the outings. Metallic shoes and black patient leather heels are classic with almost any little black dress.

Even when picking seasonal handbags you need to keep the basic rules of hand bag buying in mind.

Keep handbags in relation to your body size. Smaller women can get away with larger bags. Larger women can get away with smaller bags. However, clutches are the norm of most formal occasions and are much more practical to carry into restaurants and night clubs. Look at how an every day bag looks with your body type in a full length mirror before purchasing it.

If you need to carry everything but the kitchen sinks in your bag, consider leaving the excess in a carry all in the trunk of your car. It is there when you need it but you don’t have to lug around on your lunch break from work.

Seasonal Handbag Accessories

Hand bag accessories are another issue. If you change purses do you need to change wallets and make up bags to match? I buy makeup bags based on need. I switch them a lot because I am always changing my mind about how much of the stuff I carry around. Finding the right wallet for all your credit cards, store cards, and business cards can be daunting and you may not want to give up your favorite wallet to match you purse? I do things on the cheap so I in general do change my purse accessories seasonally as well as my hand bag.

If you keep the same every day hand bag for a whole year then you must remember to give it a good look over. All of that carrying around and being placed on sometimes not so sanitary surfaces can make your bag a germ and grim magnet. Pick a sensible material that can be cleaned without a great deal of effort and clean you bag weekly. This is a good idea for seasonal bags as well, but bags used for two or three months at a time are not as stressed as bags carried every day for a year.

How Often Do Your Change Handbags?

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Mini Bags for Summer come in bright colors that reflect the fun of the season.
Mini Bags for Summer come in bright colors that reflect the fun of the season.

Mini Bag is Back

The Mini Bag is Back: Summer Hand Bags 2013

This season bags are all over the rainbow . Classic white , navy blue, and neons all make their appearance this summer.

Little and Light for Summer

Light, little and airy are words that describe summer fashions. As temperature rise our response is always to lower the amount or fabric or materials we use in our clothes and accessories. We also like things easy and laid back in the summer. We want to eat in outdoor castes and attend out door concerts without having to carry large hand bags. We go with less in the summer less make up and well maybe less purse. Less does not mean what you carry has to be less fashionable.

You can always carry a tote if you need extrra room. Summer versions of the tote tend to run smaller this year

Mini Bags and the Vintage Clutch

Here is a look at some handbag trends for summer 2012. First min bags are in this season, and this means you can find mini versions of the bag that you already love to carry. You can wear your min bag a number of different ways like on your wrist or by the handle. Mini bags are great for clubs and evenings out wear you need nothing more than your credit cards and identification.

If you need something a little bigger summer clothes are in as always. Clothes vary a bit in size, but most you will not want to clutter up with a wallet. Folding clothes are in as well as more traditional clutches. This might be when you want to look for a vintage bag, to have your summer clutch stand out from the rest. Many vintage bags have elaborate clasps that can make you summer clutch a great conversion starter.

Monochrome and Neon Handbags for the Season

For more space the tote bag and the hobo bag make a summer appearance. They are still scaled down to reflect the fact that women want lighter and less cumbersome bags. The over all trend of smaller bags means you can slip them in your gym bag and beach bag and have more room for the summer necessities that you need to carry. There are even minimizes backpack style bags for women who like very causal bags

Monochrome bags in olive, tan, and deep red are popular in tote style bags this year. These tend to be toned down and are very appropriate for work. Neon and snakeskin bags in smaller clothes for shopping and an evening on the town are a way to make a fun fashion statement this summer.

Classic clutches that are in the standard tan, black, white, and summer navy blue are something that you can invest in and carry more than one season. A standard black cult can be a Tran seasonal purse you carry to the theater, church, and other places that you will want to achieve an upscale traditional look.

White handbags in any style can be carried in summer 2013. White bags can be carried with any outfit. The style of the bag will determine if it will serve as a causal bag or special event bag. A crisp white bag will set off your tan and compliment any eye popping summer colors you wear. If you are wearing pastels, the white hand bag can give you that extra ump to get you noticed.

As always your height and weight can determine what style of bag you choose. This of course does not apply to more formal handbags because smaller clothes are always the bag of choice for a formal evening out. For everyday bags size does matter. Larger women and tall women will look silly with exceedingly small bags. Small women will look overwhelmed by exceedingly large bags. Look in a full length mirror when you are buying a hand bag. Get the bag that complements your overall appearance. Materials matter as well. A denim or woven bag may be cute, but it is probably not appropriate for work. Patent leather and metallic bags may look upscale, but again it is better to just go for a leather bag in a neutral color for an every day work purse.

Summer is here so buy at least one new purse that reflects the lighthearted attitude of summer.


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    • profile image

      James wright 

      4 years ago

      There are several seasonal bags which are pretty convenient to carry around. Designers bags are also very popular. It depends that which type of bag will suit you depending your outfit and personality. White bags can be used with any outfit. To see Orla kiely collection visit

    • Rebecca Furtado profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Furtado 

      5 years ago from Anderson, Indiana

      Buying new handbags related to the season is a way a girl on a budget can keep her look fresh without going broke. There will always be those of us who buy a new handbag to go with every outfit. If you must match , and you have a collection of bags you used in previous seasons you might be able to match a new outfit to one you already have.

    • beingwell profile image


      5 years ago from Bangkok

      I didn't know there's such a thing... I buy handbags because I like them, seasonal or otherwise. :) Voting up and shared.


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