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The Benefits of Going Natural

Updated on September 21, 2012

Ever since I went natural I have found many reasons to like my natural hair better than my relaxed hair.

For one my natural hair made me feel free and liberated.

There were no time constraints. I could just literally wash my hair and go. (Of course in the winter where I live this is not a good choice.)

But still with my natural hair I no longer had to worry about washing my hair and then blow drying it and then straightening it so that it would look presentable. Doing my relaxed hair was very time consuming.

These are some of the things I had to do in the past before I learn how to take care of my hair.


I love the diversity of natural hair. It can hold many styles with ease. Anything you can think of it can be done with natural hair. I've worn may hair straight, curly, in braids, in twists, in bantu knots and so many more. There are endless styling options for natural African American hair.

Who's Afraid of the Rain?

No more running from the rain. When I used to get relaxers, I was afraid of water. It was hard to work out or go swimming because I had to worry about my hair. That’s now fun.

Now, I love water and I can wet my hair as often as I need to. Water is my friend!

Lively, Bouncy, and Full!

No more lifeless, thin, limp hair. Straightening the hair with chemicals means you are destroying each hair shaft and breaking bonds in the hair so that it no longer curls. A lot of people lose thickness and are left with thin hair.

My hair is naturally fine so the relaxing process made it even worse. I didn’t like to see through the ends of my hair. The thin hair also limited my ability to do the styles that I wanted.

My natural hair is full and strong. I can no longer see through the ends of my hair.


Another benefit of going natural is the uniqueness of your hair. No two people have the exact same hair type.

Your hair is going to be different from the person standing next to you.

I have an identical twin sister and we don’t have the exact same hair type. Her hair is a tiny bit thicker than mine and she has a looser curl pattern in curtain parts of her hair compared to mine.

Our hair looks the same but it indeed is not. Embracing my uniqueness was the best part of my natural hair journey.

Healthier Options

I also believe that some people become more health conscious when they go natural. Some people begin to take better care of themselves when going through a hair journey.

Going natural is not always easy but those who stick with it and work hard, they are usually the ones who are able to take that hard work and success into other area of their life.

After I went through my transition progress, I felt more confident about myself and I felt like I could do anything. I am now working on being as healthy as possible.

If you decide to go natural, think about the positive rather than the negatives. I truly believe there are more positive things that go along with going natural when compared to the negatives. The only negative part of my natural hair journey was having to deal with negative ignorant people telling me that my hair looked a mess.

It is hard for people to get used to seeing something that is so uncommon. This is why I believe I got the negative comments but that will never make me want to go back to relaxers. All of the reasons above are why I love natural African American hair.

The best part about having natural hair is having the chance to embrace the real me, the way that I was created.

Also it is great to have the chance to display something that is truly unique to my heritage or like my sister likes to say HAIRitage.

I believe my hair is beautiful and many people would love to have hair like mine, so why not embrace it?

Don’t work against your hair, work with it! If you take nothing else away from this article, please walk away understanding you are beautiful the way you were made and don’t be afraid to showcase it.


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