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The Best Anti Wrinkle Products on the Market

Updated on August 12, 2013

An Overview of Skin Creams

A review of products that really work on wrinkles. Having worked in a Dermatologists office for more than five years, I have learned a few things about skin and skin creams. It is not necessary to buy creams from a plastic surgeon's office or day spa, ect.

The ingredients that are available in the drugstore are every bit as effective and less than half the cost. While I worked in the dermatology field, I had access to the most expensive and most exotic creams available, and I can tell you for a fact that they are no better than the creams I have tried from CVS. Here I have compiled a list of the creams I have tried that actually work. The ones I have used and actually seen results.

Pure Source Day Cream

This is one of the hottest reasonably priced creams on the market. This cream has Cynergy TK Keratin. These ingredients are knows to not only help with wrinkles, but they combat sagging too. When I was doing research to find something that works to fight sagging and jowling, I read about the only products known to fight loose skin. After discovering that bioactive keratin (Cynergy TK) is the absolute best ingredient, I began my search for a product that contains a reasonable dose of it, and discovered that Pure Source is the only affordable cream available that meets the qualifications, and it can be purchased for under $20 at Amazon. I never leave home without it now. Pure Source Protective Day Cream.

Perricone Firming Eye Cream

This is an excellent product. It is an Eye treatment that is hypoallergenic , and will make the skin around your eyes appear thicker, tighter, and more contoured. As with most Perricone products that I have tried, it feels excellent, and delivers beautiful results, however, it is not the cheapest product on the market, but the price is not on the moon either. It can also be purchased on eBay or Amazon at a much more reasonable price than you would pay at Sephora. To keep the cost of beauty products down without sacrificing results, I alternate the less expensive ones with the higher priced one's I know will deliver results. I have actually had friends tell me that my wrinkles are significantly less noticeable since using this cream. We tend to not notice as much on ourselves because it happens slowly, but I saw some pictures of myself from about five years ago, and could not believe how much better my skin looks today. The photo jogged my memory of how I battled fine wrinkles around my eyes, and now they are practically gone. Perricone Firming Eye Treatment.

Cream Containing Copper

My standby has been Neutrogena Firm Face Lotion with Copper. While I was working for a Dermatologist, I asked the Doctor what the single best cream for anyone of any age and any skin type would be, he answered, "Copper". We did not even sell a product containing copper at the time, and I asked him about this , but, it was just not something that the public was very charged up about, so, there were no products being pushed that contain copper. Of course I traced down some copper products and have used them every since. I would say that it takes about 3 months of solid use to see the firming and tightening effect that is is known for. I have also started taking copper supplements because I realize that if it works so well topically, it can't hurt to use it internally too.


I have used this product off and on for about 5 years. It truly works, but I am one who has to have variety, and I find myself alternating it with other less expensive products. As I remember this cream was originally on the market as a stretch mark cream, and was discovered to work well for wrinkles. My personal attitude toward this was that I used to have much more noticeable wrinkles, therefore, many of the products I purchased were to eliminate wrinkles, at this time, most of the creams I use are either maintenance creams to make my skin look more radiant, or to keep my skin looking as tight as possible.

I recall that when I first bought StriVectin, is was about $145. Now it can be purchased online for significantly less. That's what happens when you wait to buy a product after the initial hype.


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