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The Best Back Shaver for the Hairy Guy in Your Life

Updated on May 23, 2013

Okay – I don't want to speak for everybody, but most women do not like a particularly hairy back. Fortunately – there are now wide range of back shavers available, both electric and manual, which do a fantastic job of removing back hair. I don't know why – but hair that grows on a man's back, tends to grow much slower than facial hair, So it does not need to be shaved as often.

As I have mentioned in the past, my husband is particularly hairy and also loves gadgets, so I persuaded him to try 10 different back shavers, and these are the best as the ones that we tried.

Fortunately, these are nowhere near as expensive as the hair trimmers that we've reviewed in the past, so if you are thinking of buying your husband a back shaver these will not break the bank!

These all come highly recommended, and are extremely good value for money.

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

This is one of our favorites, and if you watch the video underneath this little piece of text you will find that that video is a fairly good representation of the product. It has a nonslip rubberized grip which is easily extendable and allows almost any size man to use it without trouble.

It's rechargeable, and does a very good job of removing unwanted back hair with a minimum of fuss. It's easy to use, is quite light and how to charge for a decent length of time. And as you can see from the images and video it quite easily extends to cover anybody.

I can highly recommend this, and as Amazon usually sell them for less than $25 it's very good value for money. Because it's built to the light rather than indestructible, I doubt it will last more than a year or two, but at 25 bucks I don't think that's an issue

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

The great thing about this hair shaver is the fact that it uses standard razor blades. It will work with almost any Gillette, Bic or other disposable razor, which makes it extremely cheap to use. There are no moving parts, although you will need to use a shaving gel with this one, unlike the previous model.

With no batteries and no recharging, it's extremely cheap to run and – like most people – I'm a big fan of simple when it comes to doing these sort of things. The only real danger is that if you have particularly long backhand it might clog the razor and you'll need to unclog it every now and then.

Fortunately, back hair is not stiff and bristly like some facial hair and if you keep on top of it, it will not clog up the shaver. Simple, light, and easy to use. If you can't reach all of you back to apply the gel tried putting some on the shower wall and rubbing it in off the wall.

backSPA BIGMOUTH Do-IT-Yourself Back Shaver

Different and interesting design, which my husband tells me feels almost like using a backscratcher instead of the shaver. The idea is, that there are bunch of small teeth which are small enough to trim the hairs without cutting your back, and as you scratch your back with this it trims the hairs.

I really do like the interesting and different design that this is a flexible handle and it's really quite wide so you don't need to use it as much as some of the other shavers in this review with narrower blades.

It doesn't actually take any blades, and it doesn't need to be used with any soap or gel, so you can use it outside the shower if you wish. There are silly cheap price as well.

MANGROOMER Sku 211-6 Professional Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Out of the many electrical back shavers that we tried, this one stood out as being exceptionally good quality without spending too much money - usually less than $65. Basically, it is the professional version of the first one we reviewed.

It's really easy to control because it has fantastic rubberized grip and watches extended fully it measures over to feed so you can easily reach any awkward to get at patches. It is very easy to use, very comfortable and not at all painful like some of the shavers as we tested. Hobby was impressed with this one, more so than the "amateur," version.

Highly recommended – and well worth the money

SPORT RAZOR Compact Do-It-Yourself Body Razor Back Hair Shaver

This is another very simple design, that is not only useful for your back if you happen to be a professional cyclist, is also great for shaving your legs. It has a 16 inch reach, but falls down to less than 9 inches long when you're not using it, and the angled head really works quite well.

It is fair to say that the bladed shavers make a slightly different cuts to the electric shavers and nothing that has something to do with the angle of the blade.

My husband really liked this one when you consider the low price and Amazon have it's on sale usually less for than $15. I don't recommend paying any more than that for this one, because it's not the sort of product such as this last one that is going to last a long time. It is fairly lightweight, but I still think it's good value for money. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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