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The Ultimate Cheap Skin Care Guide to Looking Beautiful

Updated on March 8, 2016
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac, Myers Briggs, and texting. She is an expert on romance and relationships. She also has two cats.

Clean Skin for Life

I know personally that skin is one of the most important modes of beauty. Feeling comfortable in your skin can make you feel a thousand times better while also, bad or unhealthy skin can make you feel unattractive, even to the point of having low self esteem. I do not claim that the following skin tips I'm going to give you will cure all problems. If you have serious skin issues I suggest seeing a dermatologist. What I am going to offer you are practical tips and also cheap solutions that can make you look younger, healthier, and the more beautiful you that you desire to see.

Tip #1. One of the best treatments against acne is to place a fresh, warm towel straight from the dryer over the pillow you sleep on. The towel itself will absorb some of the negative bacteria breeding on your skin. Many of the culprits of acne sleep on your pillow and sheets with you. Sleeping with a towel will help -- for myself I saw drastic improvements over night. It made my skin look so much better that for me, an active make-up user, I felt that I honestly didn't need it anymore. Along with this towel trick, I recommend washing your face daily. Make sure to remove make-up as it causes your skin to age faster and make-up is full of harmful ingredients. I suggest St. Ives Apricot scrub to wash your face with -- which is at most grocery stores and is affordable. Your pores can carry a lot of gunk, so wash your face. Avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible. Your hands touch a lot of creepy things throughout the day, so avoid rubbing your eyes, picking your nose, etc.

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2. Pepto Bismol will soften and cleanse your face. I imagine this has to do with acid build up in your skin, but Pepto Bismol will work wonders at making your face feel the way it should. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse it off and you'll see immediate results. You can't get a product for a lower price that will make your face feel that amazing.

3. If you're looking for a cheap way to exfoliate your skin, combine olive oil (or a related oil, not vegetable oil) and sugar in a small container. I keep it in a bottle that I can reuse since it's easy to have way too much of this concoction. Spread the oil on your hands, feet, and face. Rinse off with warm water and you'll feel better. It might not be as glamorous as more high dollar products, but if you do this regularly, your skin will be softer, more comfortable, and all around happier.

4. Sleep on your back! Wrinkles are a nightmare to stop. There's the basics of don't smoke (stop now), don't tan (you're going to look a lot older), and don't wear globs and globs of make-up. How you position your body will also result in how many wrinkles you have. The worst position is sleeping on your face -- 8 hours of that a night is killer, and you do need your beauty sleep. Also, as a added bonus, sleeping on your back rather than on your sides will help keep your breasts perky and in shape with less boob-wrinkling and less sagging. Even if you have small breasts, this will help them.

5. Drink water, but not from straws or from tight bottles. Pour it in a glass. It will save your lips from having lines. Your skin needs hydration, so don't shirk the water.

6. Wash your sheets regularly. As stated before, sleeping on a fresh towel helps absorb the bacteria on your fresh. By having clean sheets you increase your odd of having acne free skin. If your skin starts to have acne patches, it probably means it is time to throw on fresh sheets.

7. Avoid touching your face. Your hands and fingers are full of bacteria and other unpleasant things that accumulate from the day. Minimize how often you touch your face so as not to spread the germs your hands can handle to your soft face. Wash your hands regularly.

8. Wear sunscreen. Not only is it important to avoid sunburns, but this keeps you from having discolored skin and more importantly -- melanoma is one of the most common cancers and is deadly. If you have a strange mole that's uneven, large, or a mixture of colors -- you need to see a doctor immediately. Chapstick and some foundations have SPF built into them. Don't forget to place sunscreen into your scalp line and behind your ears. There's really no point to going to a tanning bed. You're putting way too much pressure onto your screen, and it will drastically age you. It may be in style to have a tanned body, but if you go about it the wrong way the repercussions can be costly and deadly.

9. Less makeup. Honestly, if you follow many of the tips in this hub your face will have a natural glow to it. Makeup is heavy and can cause premature wrinkles. It's also full of bacteria which can increase acne. Try using less on your cheeks, avoid putting anything on your nose or forehead. Throw out mascara after three months and buy fresh mascara as it can cause eye infections. Don't share your makeup. Don't share your drinks either!

10. Wear clean clothes. You may be putting a lot of strain on your skin if you wear the same clothes and undergarments more than a day. Put on fresh clothes after exercising as the sweat may help foster acne in unpleasant places such as your bottom, breast area, and neck. Also, you don't want to smell bad around your friends, family, and significant other.

11. Lay off the alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you which your skin needs moisture. Over drinking will cause your skin to... age faster, wrinkle, and lose it's overall luster. Earl grey tea, however, is great for your skin -- even burns. You can place the old tea bags on burns and it will recover at an unbelievable pace. Try having an earl grey tea bath when you've been at the beach too long.

12. Eat fruits and vegetables. This will help bring in nutrients and vitamins so as to bring a rich luster to your skin. Meats and grains are tasty, but might not be helping improve your skin or help you fight against aging. Try bringing up your intake of the plant foods and you should see yourself feel better in multiple ways from mentally to physically. I will admit that when I had a broken heart not too long ago, I only ate fruits and vegetables as anything else was too much to process in my stomach. I honestly think fruits and veggies are the way to go when we're are sick, and there's studies that show it can fight against cancer causing agents.

13. Sleep. After riding on a plane, I usually feel miserable. My body is all out of sorts and I know I didn't get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the best counters we have to disease. Sleep also should help fix most skin maladies before they even happen. Try getting more sleep in your diet, some of us need more than others. Supposedly, we need at least eight hours. Women need nearly an extra fifteen minutes to sleep as they tend to have more burdens throughout their days than men. Also, some scientists recommend that if you're intelligent, then add on an extra hour or two of sleep since your mind tends to work harder during the day. There is no perfect average for sleep! But if you're not feeling right, then try to have more of it.

Lastly, I will leave you with this video to further promote that... you need to eat your fruits and veggies!


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