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Discover Your Seasonal Color To Wear To Make Your Face Sparkle & Look Radiant!!

Updated on May 30, 2013

Seasonal Color Test

Color is the visual perception property in humans called red, green, yellow, blue, and others. Humans and some animals are so fortunate to use colors in our everyday lives. Here's a fantastic color & season method to help you choose the best top or blouse color to compliment your beautiful face!

The best top or blouse color you wear should always compliment your face and make your face vibrant! Believe it or not, this color & season method is easy to learn, and in addition, you will have fun using your new color & season method on a daily basis. Let's get started!

Have you ever attended an event and been told that "You Look Great" in that outfit? I'll bet you wish you would get that compliment every day! After learning this Seasonal Color Analysis System, you will be able to determine your personal palette.

A few years ago, I lived in South Lake Tahoe. California. I became a consultant with Beauti Control Cosmetics. This company had the Seasonal Color Analysis System which helps everyone with their best-suited make-up and clothing colors.

Just click on this link below to answer the 12 seasonal color group questions and find out which season you are.

Once you finish answering these questions, you will click Submit at the bottom.

Now is your FUN time! Use your new seasonal color group analysis system (Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall) and go through your closet. Place your tops, scarves, and hats near your face to experience how your new seasonal color group brightens and enlightens your face!

Here 's more clothing color choices to bring out your natural beauty!

Try to remember that wearing any color of pants or skirts does not apply to this color analysis system since they are away from your face. Of course, hot pink, lime green, or leopard print pants don't always go with everything.

Here's another one of my HubPages which can help you with seasonal color coordination involving your skin tone and hair color. Feel free to contact me about your fun experiences because it's so much fun to share!!


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